Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Q&A Madness...

Hello all, as my pet has mentioned its March and that means Q&A. I have yet to figure out why March specifically means Q&A, but I like Q&A regardless so here we go. Florida Dom asked us the following.

Do your scenes tend to change over time. For example, do you less or more of bondage than you used to. And less or more spankings.

As all things over time, our scenes have changed as we have. Bondage has always been a large focus for our play. In the beginning it was almost exclusively rope bondage with regular leather cuff use. Body harnesses were much more common than now however. Overall I feel our scenes had become more involved, more complex, and at times more daring over the last few years. As our toy box has expanded, so has our variety of play. More involved bondage options, such as straight jackets, homemade stocks, bamboo poles, several things seen in the photo section of my profile on are some examples of these changes.

Spankings have remained a large component of our play, although this also has gone through some evolution. The somewhat recent addition of canes to our toy box, a new heavier flogger that provides a much more desired impact than our old one, and a variety of wooden spoons and paddles have changed the game quite a bit.

The most obvious change has come from the addition of our child. To quote Bill Engval "If you have children, there's no tantric sex... you can have frantic sex..." Long involved scenes with intricate bondage or sustained torment have nearly vanished from our lives. Hours of torment and sex have been reduced to fifteen minute, thirty if we are blessed, interludes that serve to just take the edge off of my sadistic needs and her masochistic desires. Bondage has gone from involved beauty bordering on art to neigh abusive efficiency and convenience, and spankings... well I have yet to discover a spanking silencer... yet.

And do the scenes usually lead to sex?

That really hasn't changed in the ten plus years of our play. Sex has always been a massive part of our play as it has our lives. It is a rarity for us to have a play session that doesn't end in sex one way or another. And if it doesn't, then we were probably interrupted.

And does sex include BJs and anal sex very often?

Blow jobs are an interesting part of our play. As mentioned above, sex is a huge part of our play and for my pet the idea that I would prefer a blow job over sex makes her feel inadequate. If we have any opportunity for either sex or a blow job it is likely that we'll take the sex. The only times I get her to give me a blow job is when she is either closed for business down there or I insist.

I do prefer a degree of oral pleasing in most of our scenes, whether it be for her to just perk me up or moisten my cock prior to fucking, or as an act of humility and submission. However, it does not happen near as much as either of us would like due to the young one.

As for anal... This is an area that we are working to expand upon. jenpet has never been a very anally interested slave, however recently there has been more head way. We recently purchased a new butt plug and an inflatable enema system. Again the lack of time has been a huge enemy here as well, an enema takes a little time to prepare and administer, especially a bound enema. I can just see her bound down, gagged, plug inflated inside her anus, water just starting to pour in when... Wham! The door is thrown open and there stands our little man, eyes wide and memorizing everything he sees for future therapy sessions. Oie...


Florida Dom said...

Thanks for your comments and I can understand how having a little one around makes you be more careful. Where do you keeps your toys so he doesn't stumble across them?


Masterofslavej said...

The majority of our toys are split between one half of my dresser and one half of my closet. I have a collar drawer, a gag and cuff drawer, a clothespin and sensation toy drawer, and finally an odds and ends drawer in my dresser. In the closet I have canes, stocks, whips, paddle, ropes, belts, folded up dog cage, bamboo poles, crops, spreader bars, straight jacket, straps, and some other odds and ends. They stay mostly out of reach. Fortunately we have not had our young one run out of the bedroom brandishing a floppy dong or humming vibe yet, but we do try to keep them out of sight for the most part...