Saturday, October 30, 2010

Day Two of the Thirty...

Day two of the Thirty Days of Kink: List your kinks.

List my Kinks? You might as well ask a passerby on the street to name all U.S. Presidents in order from first to forty-forth. I have a lot of kinks, and it is always hard from me to come up with ranking lists.

But... Here goes.

Slavery - owning a human being in every way is a turn on like no other. It is incomparable with owning any other type of creature. Seeing a collar around the neck of a slave is an immediate turn on for me. Especially the heavier, thicker, or more restricting. A heavy metal collar locked inescapably around a slender neck is unbelievably hot!

Control - every aspect of a slave's life. Some micromanaging, controlling privileges, restricting movement, restricting diet, restricting phone use, etc.

Bondage - the total, complete, partial, or suggested restraining of a person by just about any means is a huge turn on. The more secure or severe the better for me. Thick metal locking cuffs, antique manacles, chains, and modern prisoner cuffs are among my favorites, though I have a soft spot for rope, shibari, leather straps, etc.

Confinement - the holding of a slave for any length of time in small, cramped, locked places. I love cages, cells (prison bars or concrete hole in the ground), hot boxes, and I like trunks, closets, bitch cabinets (thank you Kaya), etc. Having a kept slave is wonderful, letting them out only when you have some use for them.

Breath Play - I am a HUGE fan of breath play. I love noose play, few things compare to the effect that the sight of a knotted rope, a slightly turned head, and a red, desperate face has on me. I also love bagging, strangling, garrote, choking, suffocation, HOM, etc.

Predicament - I love situations where the slave is more likely to be a detriment to themselves than I would be. This situation can take many many forms, wooden ponies, various bondage positions, etc. I especially like this when there are two or more slaves together, having them work against the other to avoid suffering. Shared crotch ropes, scales type noose play, re-breathing, etc. are some examples of this.

Sex - in all of its various forms. Blowjobs (sensual, throat fucking, forced, gagging, messy, tender), sexual positions (practical, Kama Sutra), rough sex, sweet sex, forced sex, bound to the bed, bound in a ball, prisoner rape, so so so many. I love making her work to satisfy me. Recently she discovered that she loves the reverse cowgirl position, or so she proclaimed with each screeching orgasm until she passed out and fell to the bed.

Waterplay - Dunking, full submersion, water boarding, held under, wet cloth over face, spray, hosed down, bound in a pool, caged in a pool, etc. I love to watch her struggle, trying vainly to hold herself above the water line as it rises to fill her nostrils and flood her mouth. I love the panic in her movements as her air runs out.'s WaterBondage was one of my favorites, especially the dunk tank they would fill slowly while the girl was bound inside. HOT!!!

Animal Play - Puppy play, some kitty play, pony play (which I haven't been able to do much of, I want a rickshaw). Hearing her beg like a dog, whining and pawing the air. I love to hear her whinny like a pony. I love to watch her eat scraps from my plate on the floor or drink from her dog dish. I love to watch her pant, tongue out.

Service - Forced labor, house chores, maid play, bound chores, chained chores, scrubbing the floor with a tooth brush kind of menial work.

Public - public sex, public domination, walking the bitch on a leash in public, public bondage, public exposure, etc.

Training - I love to train my slave to better suit my interests, to alter her speech or the way she moves, how she thinks and does certain things. I get a kick out of the times when I can see her in public having to stop herself from doing it my way and instead doing it the way that is more publicly acceptable. When she slips "Sir" or "Master" into a conversation around family or in public. I love molding her into the slave, beast that I want her to be.

There are some of my top kinks, I'm sure that I missed a few and underplayed others. Regardless, another day down, 28 to go. Thanks for reading...

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