Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No More Talking:

During our lovely celebration of Master's birthday, thus far, i had been flogged, beaten, smacked and given a talking to, but that was really a fairly gentle prelude of what was to come.
After Master released me from the chair and spreader bars, he linked the leather cuffs together and tossed me down to the floor. When He realized i had left a bit of a spot on the chair, He took great delight in stuffing my nose in it...there is really nothing like the smell of a woman's need...
This is when, i beleive, He began asking rhetorical questions as He sat in the chair He had just caused me to vaccate and stuffed my mouth with His cock.
i'm glad that i don't have the hang-ups and fear that i used to have when He would take control of my head and fuck my face. But all the same, fear or not, it does interesting things to my brain when He jams His dick in my mouth. i forget how to breathe. i try to breathe when He has Himself rammed deep into my throat, and hold my breath when He's on the backstroke. i try to focus on my tounge, flicking as He likes it. i fail and suceed. He moans and i gasp.
When He was done with that, Master picked me up and threw me onto the bed, where i bounced uselessly while Master prepared the next rounds of torment. Master had meant the things He said to me (though i never doubted it) as He went about positioning me to fit the hood over my head without so much as a word. The hood felt tighter than it usually does, felt closer, more dark, but i know it was the same as it ever is. And then Master added the inflatable gag -- leaving me sucking air desprately to get enough through the foot-long hose. i love and hate the inflatable gag, it makes it hard to breathe (a reason i love it, and also a reason i hate it), it
And here it gets terribly fuzzy for me. There was more pain (yes, yes, deliciously evil pain that i wanted to escape), there was the torment of our Lelo toy (GiGi), more hitting, more clamps, and even the clothespin zippers, which Master used twice, i think.
Eventually the pain stopped, and the hood and the gag came off and out, and all i wanted was to be fucked. i begged. Desprately. And somehow, managed to peirce myself on Him in reverse cowgirl.
And it was hot.
It was so awesome, so intense, i felt as if i were imploding. But i didn't, and eventually we shifted, and finished in my (still) favorite position: doggie style.
But four hours of sleep the night before and one energy drink cannot keep a Master and slave awake for very long. And after sex, there was a pained, grateful girl bound and curled up against her Master.
(P.S. Master wanted me to add that i had been reluctant to try reverse cowgirl again as the previous experiences caused me some pain. This time, however, it was *bleeping* awesome.)
Part two...There's still next morning!

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