Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Beyond Words...

Well, as jenpet mentioned, we had quite the weekend. A while back I made contact with a delightful little kitty girl named, Red Vinyl Kitty, on FetLife. We began a little back and forth, getting to know each other, discussing our likes and dislikes, needs and wants. The good stuff;P.

Eventually we decided to meet. I believe we discussed that on here previously, but to recap we met at a restaurant, had a delightful time, spent hours just chatting and eventually had to go back about our lives. It took nearly a month, I believe, before we were able to set up an opportunity for a play session, but we finally had that chance and it was heavenly.

It is always a bit tense, playing with new individuals. On one hand you don't want to overstep any boundaries, make any missteps, or seem too greedy. On the other hand you hope that they won't do something to cross your lines. We talked and talked and decided that it would be best to take it nice and slow and not have any real plans. Just play it by ear and let things develop as they would.

We were so excited as the day grew close. Given the downs that myself and jenpet had been experiencing during the previous week, we were really looking forward to the chance. We arrived into town, visited with family and thanked them in advance for watching our little one. They were excited to see him and glad to have the chance to have him spend the night. Then we rushed off, following the directions to get to their place. It is in a section of the city which is semi-newly developed within the last decade. It was all new to me, but we had no trouble in finding their complex.

Amusingly, as we drove toward their apartment, we saw them driving toward us. I figured they were going to come and guide us back to their place, in case we were lost. However, kitty had a package and was really eager to get it, as she does toy reviews for Eden Fantasies. Great place by the way. I've read since that they thought we may have figured they were running away;). Soon after we were all together and we went in side. They were gracious hosts, Master Pravus and his kitty, offering drinks and ordering a new york styled pizza. Quite tasty. Kitty, was very good about rushing about, offering refills and making sure we were comfortable. It was adorable seeing both girls sitting on the floor at the feet of their respective Owners.

We chatted and chatted, and just generally were fantastically comfortable. When it was time to go get the pizza, Master Pravus told his kitty to stay behind and I offered for him to take jenpet along to do the heavy lifting. Usually I would be pensive about leaving my girl alone with someone new, but this time I did not have much hesitation. Of course, she was a good girl and texted me the moment they arrived and when they were on their way back. I enjoyed my time with kitty, talking about our experiences and people we've known and played with.

Soon they returned, my girl being a good little helper and carrying the pizza in a huge box. We settled in and began eating soon after. Kitty handed us plates and both girls served their Master's before getting down and asking to eat their food. Nothing quite like good girls ;). We continued talking and just having a great time.

Eventually, Master Pravus needed a smoke and asked to utilize jenpet as his little helper. I agreed and we went outside on their patio. Kitty and jenpet were put on their knees, one on each side of us. Kitty held our drink glasses while jenpet held the ash tray. Since she was such a good girl, I allowed her to have some drags on Master Pravus' offered cigarette. It was so very hot to watch and I mentioned that I might have to take up smoking;). Master Pravus also had kitty demonstrate two kneeling poses that he wanted jenpet to demonstrate. We have worked with specific poses in the past, but it never really stuck as a staple in our play. I always just adjust the girl the way I want, but it was really hot to see kitty demonstrate the poses and have jenpet try them out. One was the standard kneeling pose, knees together, hands held downward on the knees, the other was the more sexual position, legs spread wide, hands up turned, head up. Kitty looks so good doing it too.

With the cigarette break over, we went back in and prepped the stage a little. Master Pravus shut the blinds, offering privacy and I opened my big bag of stuff. Never leave home without it;). I think we were all ready to start playing, but each was being careful about it. I think the best strategy for working with new couples is to adopt something of an ideology of "if I can do it to yours, you can do it to mine". And ask if things are okay to do before you do them the first time with lots of communication. It worked great for us.

I started by stripping jenpet down and cuffing her hands and ankles, and collaring her with the full matching, locking set. I then attached the four-way chain displayed here behind her restricting her movements. I then added a heavy chain lead to the collar. During this, Master Pravus was stripping kitty down and soon we had something of a couples face off. I instructed jenpet to crawl over and give kitty a hello kiss. I love the way my girl moves in chains, especially while crawling.

When their lips met, it was like lightning, everything got moving after that. I looped jenpet's lead chain through kitty's collar ring and pulled them in tight, looking the chain back through jenpet's legs and over her shoulder. If they pulled back, someone was going to have their naughty bits bitten by the chain. Master Pravus had the two girls kneel knee to knee in the position he had had kitty demonstrate outside earlier which made for a fantastic view and a stable coupling. The girls kissed, mouths wide and tongues exploring for a long, long time. I switched the chain back under kitty's legs while Master Pravus connected the two girl's nipples together with a clip. It is amazing how a little bit of pain like that fuels the fire in a woman.

Sadly, after such a long time, the girl's legs began to ache and we had to reposition them. Master Pravus suggested we lay them side by side, jenpet one way and kitty the other. He then instructed kitty to rub jenpet's feet. Chained as she was, jenpet developed a nasty leg cramp and we had to switch the four-way chain around to the front. This pulled jenpet's hands down as she straightened her legs, making her helpless and me happy. Kitty has a foot kink and loved rubbing on jenpet's feet. I figured she was doing such a good job that my girl couldn't seem ungrateful so I held the kitty's hind leg, ordering jenpet to start kissing her foot in gratitude. While this was going on, Master Pravus and I began working on the girl's thighs. We both slapped and pinched and slapped until lovely marks started to develop.

Of course we couldn't just play to kitty's foot fetish all night, so we had the girls lay face down on the floor facing the same way while we began working their back sides over. Master Pravus used a latex glove to probe jenpet's inner workings and to slap her ass. It is not something we have tried but my girl liked it, so there is one for the future ;). I in turn, was using my bamboo slapper stick, thing, to hammer on kitty's ass. She seemed to love it, begging for more strikes and such. I also got a little handsy with her inner parts, pounding her parts while she squirted down her leg. I have been with squirters before and I personally think that it is quite the compliment to what you are doing to a girl if she squirts. I was unaware that it made her uncomfortable (a fact I discovered later), but she handled it well and I kept on pounding. I could feel the way she was grinding on my hand, and screaming that she was getting close. She mentioned that she never gets off unless there is some clitoral stimulation, but I felt it was there. However, despite the ample fluid, the glove was starting to pull at her tender lining and I didn't want to risk a tear. I mentioned to Master Pravus that it is a poor house guest that leaves the toys broken when they leave.

Master Pravus was having a great time fingering jenpet as well, something that she is usually not a huge fan of. But with new people come new techniques and she managed to become quite excited, begging a number of times to cum. Good girl. I have to mention at this point how proud I was of her, it has been a long time since she has been under the hands of someone else and she was so very well behaved.

I had mentioned that I wanted to try a hogtie combined with a breast tie on kitty while she licked my girl's tender parts. Master Pravus had jenpet lay stretched out on the floor while I bound up the kitty. She is super flexible and the ropes went on smoothly. Such a good kitty and a great subject to bind. While I bound up the kitty, Master Pravus was decorating jenpet with clothespins. He has the technique of snapping them on, which elicited several lovely bruises. My girl really liked it, so there is another one for the list. Thank you Master Pravus ;).

I wanted to make sure that the kitty was coherent enough to tell me if there were any problems with my rope harness so I asked her a math question. What is 35 X 5? Poor girl was so flustered that she couldn't think unaided, so she asked for some paper and a pen. How could I resist that request. I retrieved it for her and offered the pen to her. She took it in her teeth and began scribbling on the paper. At first it looked like a big, crooked J, then a bunch of scratches. I told her I was impressed that she could write cuneiform. Kitty redoubled her efforts and managed a very legible 5 over 35 with a nice little line. After working the problem a bit, she answered 55. So cute. I asked Master Pravus what he thought and asked her what 35 time 10 would be. I imagine the next step was to ask what half of that was, but I took the pen from her and helped her to work it out. Oh, she said, 175? Yes kitty.

I figured she had had enough of math, but we all had an idea on how to help the education system with math scores. ;) I put the kitty on her belly and snugged her up to jenpet. The kitty dove right in and in moments jenpet was moaning and gasping. I bound up the kitty's legs, completing the hogtie and pushing the kitty down on her bound breasts. She was so happy to be between my girl's legs, it was hard to tear her away to answer my questions. Kitty said that my girl's cunt tasted better than cake. Master Pravus laughed and asked if, for her birth day, she would prefer to have jenpet decked out with candles. The kitty loved that idea and even lied a little saying it was her birthday the next day. Master Pravus gave her a sound whopping for that;).

While the kitty was busy eating, Master Pravus was busy tormenting my sweet girl. Clothes pins, nipple clamps, slaps to the breasts, etc. He gave her the full treatment and she begged to cum repeatedly throughout the experience. Happy girl no? Oh and there is a neat little trick we learned from Master Pravus we didn't know about. The rubber pads on clover clamps have a tendency to stick when you try to remove them, but if you have the girl lick them first, they come off without an issue. A neat trick and one that provides for options;), either you let them stick or not, up to you:D.

After a while, we checked on kitty's bound breasts and decided it was time to let her up. Besides, Master Pravus noticed that jenpet was licking her lips, eager for a chance to go after the kitty's kitty for a while;). I unbound the kitty's breasts and legs and pulled her up to straddle and ride my leg while her arms were still tied. Master Pravus ordered jenpet to kiss and soothe the kitty's nipples with her moist tongue, something of a preview for the girl before she had the chance to eat the kitty.

Soon Master Pravus and I both had the girls sitting in our laps, lavishing them with tender torments as they whimpered and begged. Kitty, lay across my front, lifted up off the ground as I rubbed her clit and tortured her nipples with pinches and the white plastic spoon, which had had a grand time slapping away at her ass and legs too. We all lost count of the number of orgasms we took from the girls that night, but it was well into the twenties apiece.

Finally, it was time for another smoke break and Master Pravus took jenpet outside to be his ashtray once more. Naked, collared, cuffed, and still chained by the long, heavy lead chain, and very kindly allowed a soft bathrobe, she was taken outside and chained to the railing. Master Pravus had her open her robe to flash me while he blew smoke in her face. Best smoke break ever! Before he came in he pressed her naked body against the window. What a show, oh instant happy. I have to say that is the first time in a ridiculously long time that jenpet has been remotely naked outside, and especially in January. So hot!

Once they were back inside, Master Pravus kindly let jenpet sit on the imported, Italian leather couch and placed kitty in her lap to warm her up. They were so cute snuggling together there. Once she was warmed up, we put the two girls together pelvis to pelvis so they could grind against each other. Sadly the angle was really off and it didn't work according to plan, so I put a vibrator in each girl's hand and told them to get the other girl off. They worked the vibes, eliciting moans and gasps from each other, and sadly losing a bit of focus as well. They needed a bit of guidance on occasion to bring their attention back to what they were supposed to be doing.
I instructed both girls to beg in unison since I'm a huge fan of symmetry. Soon both girls did just that and we let them cum. For the rest of the night, if they came they came together. A great bonding experience I think. We got a few more out of them before jenpet's arm went numb holding her up in a seated position. We laid her out and Master Pravus gave her a tip about turning her hand inward toward her body when holding herself up. It is less comfortable, he said, but won't cut off the blood flow. Great tip, thank you again Master Pravus.

Once her arm got to be feeling better, jenpet asked to use the potty. Master Pravus was really good about insisting that the girls drink plenty of water throughout the night. I allowed jenpet to go in the bathtub, with the kind permission of Master Pravus. I took the camera in and snapped some pictures of the girl as she relieved herself in the tub. she managed to splash some on her new socks, which made her a little cranky. Fortunately the full package was right outside and I rushed down to the car to get them for her, because I am nice like that. We traded out her socks, bound her right back up with the locking cuffs and went back out into the front room for the next round.

Master Pravus laid out this incredible microfiber throw. He mentioned that you could "cum, wax, even bleed on it and it washes right out. Perfectly sanitary." And plush. We had jenpet lay down first, because her legs were still tired and had kitty lay over the top of her in 69. Oh boy did they go to town, when we allowed it. Master Pravus poked and prodded and pushed jenpet over the edge while I added a few swats to the kitty. Oh how they loved to play together.

Utterly spent, the two girls dropped to the pad and lay there panting. Master Pravus and I took the moment to have a snack, organize a few things, and chat a bit while the girls rested. They were adorable all cuddled up together, kitty spooning jenpet and sharing this tiny little baby blanket between them. It was really late at this point and it was clear that it was having an effect on the girls as they were getting sleepy. To combat this, I told the girls that if they were to fall asleep, I would wake them with the bamboo paddle. They were quick to assure us that they were both awake when asked each time. After all, Master Pravus and I both had done all the work and had no fulfillment of our own. We can't let that stand.

After a long break, the girls were brought to their knees and placed before their respective Owners for a little loving gratitude in the form of blowjobs. It is hard to describe just how awesome it is to be receiving a blow job at the same time as watching your partner in crime getting one as well. The slaves worked hard and were rewarded with mouthfuls of "desert";). Poor kitty, it was so far passed her bed time that she practically passed out with cum still on her lips.

At that point we were all pretty much spent and it was time to put the girls to bed. Master Pravus kicked the kitty's butt a few times to get her moving. I did my nightly routine, but left jenpet with cum on her tongue for bed. When I came back, I chained my girl to the bed by her feet cuffs and bound her hands together. Then we settled in to sleep. The hand cuffs sadly had to come off at some point to ensure that the slave could get some rest, as we had to be up early the next morning. We slept lightly, me no doubt humping the girl's butt all night :D.

The next morning we were up earlier than our alarm, as were our hosts and in no time at all we were playing with jenpet again. I bound her hands to the bed frame above her head and Master Pravus and I pulled her legs wide apart. I put my leather gloves on and alternated between slapping her unabused thigh and smothering her with leather. Master Pravus slapped and pinched, and toyed with the slave's clit while the kitty did some camera work and eagerly nipped at jenpet's bruised thigh and munched on her... "cake." Oh what fun that was. That lasted about an hour I think, making jenpet beg to cum several more times.

I took my opportunity to munch on the kitty's kitty again, bringing her off several times as well while also abusing her torn up nipples. I have to admit that I was horrible to that girl's nipples and when we left they were so sore. She assures me that she loved it and is still enjoying the tenderness. Good;).

Before we left, I had jenpet, now dressed, get down and cover her face in kitty's juices. Something to remember her by for the rest of the day;). The kitty had a couple more orgasms before we had to rush off. Master Pravus very kindly offered to let the kitty show me her gratitude with a farewell blowjob, but sadly we were completely out of time. Fortunately, the kitty said she would give me a rain check. That makes me really happy.

So there it is, dear readers. Our awesome experiences with the lovely couple Master Pravus and Red Vinyl Kitty. I'm sure that there are a number of things I have forgotten to put down and maybe somethings are even a little out of order. We collectively took nearly 200 photos and hours of video. You can see a number of pictures on my FetLife and maybe even link over to theirs as well. We have been in near constant correspondence since the weekend and we are all so grateful for the experience and so very looking forward to the next time. Personally I have been riding that high for days and only now am really starting to come down. And those downs that myself and jenpet had been experiencing? Gone. We are both looking forward to the child's bed time tonight;). Thanks again to our wonderful hosts for having us over, and to all a delightful night...


Red Vinyl Kitty said...

Wow, that was a really, really thorough post! Well done. :) I understand why it took you a bit now. ;) I'm so over-the-moon to hear that you both had as wonderful a time as we did. It was amazing playing with new people who are wonderful, fun, and like-minded. Plus, I do loves me some cake. =^.^=

Oh, and after reliving that through your post, my cunt is dripping again. >.<

Mew mew! I cannot wait for the next time.


Master Pravus said...

Great post. I really enjoyed reading about our scene from yet another point of view.

I loved all the things you remembered from our conversations, the things that were new to you and the new things I didn't even realize I was teaching your jenpet. I wish there was more to read. I know there was so much more we all did togehter. But no matter how hard we try none of us can get it all down fast enough to remeber clearly.

At least our afterglows from the weekend lasted for several days.

My slave and I are looking forward to our next encounter.

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