Sunday, January 23, 2011

It's all fuzzy...

Master and i had a deliciously awesome weekend. 
Thanks to FetLife, Master and i have met, in person, an amazing kinky couple who are right up our alley...Last month, we met them for lunch, and while we met for lunch, we whiled away a good three or four hours just chatting at the restaurant, to the point where the staff was very subtly trying to shoo us from our booth where we chatted about everything from the most mundane to some of the kinky. We enjoyed each other so much, that we agreed to meet again as soon as we could. 

Thankfully, we were able to arrange for the kiddo to enjoy a visit with someone who dearly adores him and watched him overnight, giving Master and i the chance to meet up with Master Pravus and his pet, Red Vinyl Kitty, again, with some playtime planned. The Masters' plan included a good deal of play so, Kitty and i tried to prepare ourselves with ingestions of caffeine, though i'm not sure either of us realized exactly what was going on in the devious minds of our significant others. 

i think it all began when Master said He was going to break out the bag of tricks - or something to that effect - and i wound up cuffed, collared and locked into a heavy padded set with a great deal of chain restricting me. Then, there were girl kisses - nomnomnom. There is nothing like kissing another woman, and it has always reminded me of touching powdered sugar. Soft lips, tender tongues, and this lovely feminine sugary taste. i'm not sure how long we stayed like that, though i know we were both quite happy, until our legs fell asleep. At that point, we were laid down, and our Masters pulled a swap - while my Master began working one of her thighs over, her Master began working one of mine over. 

Here's where the endorphin rush took over - i know essentially what happened - there was moaning and whimpering and finger fucking and beating and clamps and clothespins - but the sequence, the thoughts that fluttered through my head is all fuzzy. At some point, we were turned over and they continued to whop on our hind ends - and there was more of the moaning and whimpering and finger fucking and beating and clamps and clothespins - and it continued as such. Eventually, my Master took Kitty and began trussing her up to complete a breast tie followed by a hog tie. i was lain on my back with a spreader bar between my legs and ever so gently, she was placed between my legs. There was much moaning and shuddering. 

When she was pulled up, it was quite obvious that she needed to be released from the bondage, and Master took some time to do that. It was at this point, i believe, when Kitty's Master asked to take me outside on the deck, so i could hold his ashtray while he smoked. They kindly permitted me to wear his bathrobe, and i stood on the deck holding the ashtray in a bathrobe, chains and cuffs, and while he smoked, he would rebreathe the second-hand smoke into me. Of course, no dominant can stand to see a girl get too comfortable, so Master Pravus had me open the bathrobe and push myself up against the window on his porch to flash my Master and Kitty. i am quite sure that if my body had been damp, i would have stuck to the window. When finished with the cigarette, we returned inside, where i was permitted to sit on the couch (another rare treat!) and warm up with Kitty snuggles.

When i was warm again, Kitty and i had a very lovely 69, and both of us were feeling quite warm, blissful, and satisfied. Not a good sign for our Masters. But hey, we started around eight on Saturday evening, and we had already moved into the wee hours of Sunday morning...But they were prepared with big sticks.

And even though we were tired, somewhere out in la-la land with all the fun endorphins, we were very good slaves and got up and gave our good, loving, cruel Masters blowjobs. And then passed out.

Well. Kitty did. i took a little longer to go, but both of us were e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d.

And all of us are looking forward to a "next time."

We're planning on uploading some of the pictures to FetLife, so keep your eyes out!

There was a brief revisit after we'd all caught a few hours of sleep, but the morning events are even more hazy than what we started on Saturday . . . maybe Master can fill you in.


MAcula said...

You and Red Vinyl Kitty were both very good subs this weekend. I know we had a fantastic time playing with you too.

Your master is welcome to bring you over anytime, you were wonderful house guests. We look forward to your next visit.

Red Vinyl Kitty said...

Yeah, that all sounds about right. ;) We had so much fun, and are so glad you guys did too. Mew mew.