Friday, February 25, 2011

Coming Soon...

Hello dear readers. Wow we have quite a few followers and many more readers of a secretive nature;) I wanted to thank you all for being apart of our journey.

I know many of you must be eager for our accounting of this passed weekend with our dear friends Master Pravus and his Red Vinyl Kitty. There was so much that happened and its been such a hectic week that I have not yet finished.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you of a few things that we will be blogging about in the coming weeks. Something of a coming attractions list.

Our weekend with Master Pravus and Red Vinyl Kitty- both of our perspectives review of the Sportsheets Vibrating Velvet Strap on harness

Dragon Tongue! That's right, my friends, we have finally acquired a single tail whip, and from non-other than Victor Tella! And we are using it tonight!

So stay tuned, dear reader, dear friend because there is so much yet to come ;) ...

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K & J said...

Looking forward to reading all about everything :)