Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Whip it... Whip it Good...

I just want to say, thank you Devo for the succinct instruction manual for life ;). It works in so well in so many situations.

All kidding aside, I recently purchased a Victor Tella Dragon Tail whip from JTstockroom. We have never owned a single tail whip before, in fact to be completely correct and honest, I have never whipped the girl before. We have done just about everything else; flogged, slapped, spanked, paddled, caned, strapped, cuffed, and even punched and kicked (lovingly of course). But not whipped. Until now.

When I took it out of the packaging I fell instantly in love. The weight of the handle and the feel of the braid told me that this was a serious implement. The tip is long, soft, and light and my devilish mind started laughing as soon as I had it in hand. Sadly I had to wait a whole day to be able to use it. We bartered some kid watching time from our siblings and set our plans in motion.

Despite nothing going according to plan;), we managed to drop the kiddo off in time and rushed home to start our fun for the night. I had set up our new and old camera's so they could catch this momentous occasion and as soon as we were both inside, I had the girl strip down and we got to work.

First we had some pictures to take for a dear friend, sort of a returned salutation using nipple clamps with a note attached to them. A hard start for the girl, but I loved it. Then it was time to get some new cuffs on. As I mentioned before I am now reviewing for a couple of places; Babeland.com which I will be posting my reviews here when we get a chance to try our new harness from them, and EdenFantasies.com where my reviews are already posted upon their review pages. Our dear friend, Red Vinyl Kitty, is my mentor there and pushed through an assignment for me, a pair of locking leather wrist cuffs. I love cuffs and especially if they lock securely. So we had to try them out and take some pictures for the pretty kitty to see how grateful we are.

Those small but fun tasks out of the way, it was time to get down to some serious business. I had the girl stretch out on the couch and began the session with my heavy flogger. I love the sound of flogger tails hitting her back, the quick inhale of breath with each strike, and the slow moan that follows as she suffers under the flogging. Her back and ass began to redden and the tears started to flow. I had to stop periodically to give her a moment to breathe so I could capture those tears with my camera. Then it was right back to the flogging.

This happened three times and I believe lasted about half an hour. Finally I was sure she was warmed up enough and I was so eager to try out our new whip, that I had her set up on the couch and offer her back and ass. The excitement began to mount as I picked the Dragon Tail up, felt it coil around my hand, and looked at my glowing target. There was that momentary flash, that cruel desire to make the first lash really cut into her. However I resisted and instead started out very slowly and softly, swinging the whip back and forth and just letting it slap at her back. The girl moaned and pushed into it a little, so I happily kept that up, letting the tip explore her all up and down her back, avoiding the trouble spots like the neck or the kidneys. Though I found the tail to be so light and so soft that even doing that wouldn't cause much trouble unless I was really cutting into the girl.

This back and forth grew stronger and faster, and soon I was even flicking the tail at her, delighting in her cries as it bit her. I focused upon her ass, snapping it back and forth and flicking it at her buttocks, I love the look of flesh under the lash, the way it jumps just before she does. Again the tears were flowing and her sobs were punctuated by the slight cracking of the whip as I worked. I was in sadist heaven and even the girl was admittedly enjoying herself. That doesn't happen much during, mostly after the pain has worked its magic.

I let her have breaks, again mostly to capture her tears on camera, before I had her lay upon the couch so I could try it out at a downward angle. I am not usually a fan of flogging/whipping downwards because of the added gravitational component and way the body's targets seem limited. However, the Dragon Tail performed perfectly at a downward angle as I added stripe after stripe across her back and ass. The crying really took off here and I soon had to have her switch sides so I could even up her other side. Have I mentioned I'm a sadistic bastard who has a huge dacryphilia fetish? Yes? Good.

Finally I told her that I would apply three last heavy strokes to her ass. The girl cried and sobbed and begged to be done, but I had yet to see what the whip could do. So, ordered to keep her head down, I swung for the fences, vertically that is. Oh the screams and sobs. I then applied the second heavy stroke and she jumped half way up the back of the couch, horizontally. For the last, I actually wound it up a bit and snapped it downward at her ass. Oh how she screamed into the couch, shoving her face into the cushion to keep herself quite. So considerate in her suffering ;).

Well, she had taken the beating so immensely well and I was so proud of her, it was time to give her a reward. So I put her on the floor and fucked her, first from behind like the dog she is and then in missionary where I can see her face begging to cum. Good times ;) Sadly the night came too quickly to an end, but thankfully I had my cameras to capture the magic and I have posted a number of them on my FetLife profile.

I have to say that I cannot wait to use our Dragon Tail again, and once the moment had passed and the girl composed herself, she admitted that she can't wait either. Victor Tella Dragon Tail FTW!...

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Red Vinyl Kitty said...

That was very hot to read! What a lucky jenpet. :) Sounds like you two had a blast. I'm glad you were able to steal a couple quite moments with each other. Mew.