Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Unexpected Weapons

Before the big move, Master and i found ourselves with an opportunity shortly after He arrived home for the evening (at a slightly ridiculous hour). Having had most of our toys packed away, i did hope that we could just slide into easy sex where His hands demonstrated the power exchange that always exists between us.

It can be chalked up to stress and anxiety levels, i suppose, that my body didn't respond how i thought it should. i asked to snuggle with Him, to be touched and possessed, and somehow or another, that quietness degraded rather quickly.

See, last summer, we bought tons of those freezer pops for our tiddly. But one bag never got put in the freezer and as we were packing recently, little person found them, ripped open the bag and had been waving them about. Being consumed with the need to pick up everything else, those unfrozen freezer pops remained where they had been left.

So, as i was laying over the edge of the bed, looking at the floor, while Master was doing cruel things to my shoulder because i had been picking on Him in one way or another, and i had the brilliant idea to whack Master with a goofy plastic tube of liquid. Being Master, He cannot be outdone. So He stole it, and we proceeded to have a war with the unfrozen freezer pops. i whacked at Master wherever i could reach, Master whaled on my ass...and it was good.

Then one broke, flinging sticky orange, corn-syrup saturated liquid around the room.

But it was fun.

And the sex was good.

All because of freezer pops.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


As i mentioned in my last blog, we're moving. Big stress. Big crazy.

This also means we're leaving our DSL behind and are planning to get ourselves settled, back into routine, back to being Master and slave without having niggling anxieties eating away at the slave part.

We will be able to occasionally visit the web and hopefully update everyone on what's going on with us, the progress that we make returning to a more centered M/s lifestyle...but i can't predict how often, as it won't be our intarwebs.

We may choose to get our new intarwebs service hooked up sooner than i think.

But, in the meantime i do have a few blogs that are supposed to pop up occasionally throughout the month.

Meantime, have fun, play nice, and know we'll be back with some interesting new materials.

P.S. When i say "play nice" i mean, rock your socks off and do all the horribly wonderful kinky/sadistic/masochistic things you're inclined to do whenever you have a moment.