Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Sizzle of Pleasure

During my recent visit, I subjected my willinglittlepet to electric torture using my tens unit and Tazapper. This is her account of that session:

Master asked me if there was anything that i was wanting to do before he came to visit me. We had been talking about electric for a while and i decided that now was the time to take the leap. As i sent the message, i was filled with nervousness and excited. i went to bed early so that i would be fully rested for Master’s tortures. 
The anticipation built as there wasn’t time to try the electric box that evening, it was set for that morning after we had breakfast. That morning i was in a good mood, i had seemed to have forgotten about the impending torture. After finishing up our meal, Master went to my room to get ready. i cleaned up the kitchen as best as time allowed and then i went to my room to undress for Master. He groped me some as i took off my clothes. Master took off the collar i wear every day and placed the heavy, metal one around my neck sealed with a large padlock. Looking in the mirror, i felt so beautiful with the ring of steel encircling my tender throat. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Fifteenth Anniversary!

It is our Anniversary today! Not our wedding anniversary, or our first date anniversary. But the anniversary of creature's enslavement. Fifteen years ago today I gave myself the greatest early Christmas present ever and collared this sexy little slut.

My creature has been my slave longer than she has been my wife, having celebrated our 14th anniversary this passed September. And I am happy to say that at this point, she has been my collared slave for over half of her life. My rule, my word, and my will has governed her life, her every decision for the entirety of her adult life. It is a monumental thing to consider, being property for more than half your life. Brings a warmth to my cold heart.

Though I am very excited by reaching this milestone, our celebration will be far less grandiose than I would like. I had discussed doing a more professional styled photo shoot for the both of us, but timing is against us at the moment. With Christmas expenses, I have not the funding for even a fraction of the fun items I would love to use on my beast. The kiddos have a cold and their care is wearing both of us down a bit, meaning that our wild sex orgy will have to be put on hold. But such is the nature of life, and just because we cannot go wild, doesn't mean that we will let this day pass without enjoying each other in what ways we can. Nor that I am without a present to drive her wild. We did replace our long dead personal massager with a new Magic Wand with variable speed control knob. And after a quick test run, I can guarantee I will be making her move with this one! 

Here is to another wonderful and happy 15 years of Ownership!...


It would seem I have two real modes of writing on this blog. Not writing because nothing is really going on, and not writing because there is so much going on that I don't have a moment to spare. Either way, I feel as if I cheat you, dear readers, of the updates of our adventures. So, by way of an early Christmas present, and by ways of an apology, I offer this post.

It has been a fantastic ride recently. With the addition of my dear willinglittlepet to our lives, things have rather fallen into a comfortable norm for me. I expect that both of my slaves text me with their daily movements, and additionally I expect a good morning and goodnight text each day from pet. I have to say, she has taken to it rather well and I enjoy looking through the messages on my lunch and breaks at work. 

Personal visits have been a treat too. I imagined, what with all we respectively have going on, that our visits and play sessions would be limited to one, maybe two, a month. However, we have been able to make pretty regular visits, both play and just hanging out with the family, this whole time. I believe that the longest lull was about two and a half or three weeks long. Most importantly, it is a very comfortable situation, not straining one party or another to maintain. With the holiday fast approaching, schedules are beginning to look pretty tight. So, with that in mind, we adjusted our plans a touch and I visited pet this past weekend for our second overnight stay at her place. No kids, few distractions, no roommate this time either.