Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Sizzle of Pleasure

During my recent visit, I subjected my willinglittlepet to electric torture using my tens unit and Tazapper. This is her account of that session:

Master asked me if there was anything that i was wanting to do before he came to visit me. We had been talking about electric for a while and i decided that now was the time to take the leap. As i sent the message, i was filled with nervousness and excited. i went to bed early so that i would be fully rested for Master’s tortures. 
The anticipation built as there wasn’t time to try the electric box that evening, it was set for that morning after we had breakfast. That morning i was in a good mood, i had seemed to have forgotten about the impending torture. After finishing up our meal, Master went to my room to get ready. i cleaned up the kitchen as best as time allowed and then i went to my room to undress for Master. He groped me some as i took off my clothes. Master took off the collar i wear every day and placed the heavy, metal one around my neck sealed with a large padlock. Looking in the mirror, i felt so beautiful with the ring of steel encircling my tender throat. 

Master then wrapped a spider gag around my head which held open my mouth. He teased me by licking my vulnerable mouth, ordering me to hold out my tongue so he could enjoy my trapped opening. i enjoyed how helpless i felt with the gag, but it didn’t like how it clinked against my teeth. It felt awkward in my mouth, but i concentrated on wearing it for Master. He then bound my breasts tightly with paracord which caused me to whimper with pleasure. 
He ordered me onto my bed and i laid down waiting for his torture. The heavy collar pulled against my throat making it hard to breath. i could already feel my drool collecting under the gag and spilling onto my face. Master started to tie me down to my bed with roping, making me even more of a helpless slut. After i was sufficiently tied down, he started to whip me with his short tail whip. He grazed my swollen nipples several times making me squirm. 
After Master had teased me for a bit, a sat down next to me to show me the electric toys he was going to be using on me. i started to get ready scared as i watched Master licking the pads to stick them onto me. Master placed them upon my lower body and i tried to tell him through the gag that i was scared. It was hard to communicate being impaired with the gag, which made it even scarier. Master surveyed me for a while and then asked if i was scared. i answered with a vigorous nod and tried to plead with my eyes. i didn’t feel ready to be introduced to electricity, i was so scared. Master asked me if i was ready. A muffled no worked to escape my trapped mouth. i shook my entire body, whimpering up at Master. 
He sat down next to me again, running his hands over my body. He was whispering to me to be his good girl, but still terror was shaking my entire body. i see him grab the box out of the corner of his eye and i rock back and forth. my only method of communication at this point is the movement of my body. He laughs a bit and eyes me with a delighted look gleaming in his eyes. I quiver as i see him flip the switch on the circuit. 
Electricity pulses through my lower half and i am surprised to find that it doesn’t hurt as much as i thought it would. It feels like a deep massage of my muscles. Then i feel the sharp pulses and i scream a bit. The sensation of the pulse is just like needles jabbing into me. Master cycles through the different styles and watches me writhe in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Then he starts to fuck my cunt with his fingers. The muscle are so clenched, my cunt is extremely tight. Master then takes out his zipper of clothespins and aligns them on my breasts. i whimper for him not to rip them off just yet and he kindly obliges. After running through all of the different rhythms, Master moves two of the pads onto the thin muscle of my ribs. i scream out as he moves them, the movement causes an intense sensation. The pads on my ribs hurt tremendously and i beg for him to remove them. 
As i plead with Master, he unties my legs so he can slide his cock inside me. He also kindly moves the pads from my ribs onto my thighs. The pain is growing though and i can’t concentrate on much else. As Master grinds against me, i scream and writhe and i try to focus on the pleasure of Master’s cock inside me. The pulses send jolt throughout my body and i try to control my swinging legs. Master tells me to focus on his cock, but legs and pelvis are screaming out in pain. i get close to my edge and i beg Master to cum, but the electric current steals my orgasm. After i whimper “thank you” to Master, he removes the pads. i thank him again to be rid of the torture and i tell him i wasn’t able to come. Sweet Master then continues to fuck me as i erupt onto his cock. my stomach and legs throbbed for a couple days, but overall i enjoyed the new experience.

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rose said...

wow so brave!

very nicely written post, too. thank you.