Sunday, December 22, 2013

Whinge and Wishes

Reaper posted our apologies earlier...and i want to apologize again. It has been pretty desperate around here. Some moments we feel alright, and others we want to rip out our hair from all of the joy and tribulation. This year has been exacerbated by my health issues of a girly sort.

For years and years we've known that medical professionals would consider my reproductive bits "abnormal" (at least the inside ones -- the outside bits get frequent compliments). Shortly after Reaper and i celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary, we spent a whole day bouncing from urgent care to urgent care, waiting for urgent care, and finally being directed to the ER.  The last urgent care office was concerned by my tachycardia, but the ER was much less concerned, and after adding the typical saline drip, considered their job largely done. Well, no. They did officially declare my internal bits "abnormal" and were kind enough to prescribe a hormone to stop the too heavy least until the next time, so we could find out exactly how "abnormal" it really is. Three months of a different kind of abnormal later, here we are at the abnormal that landed us in the ER last time; a uterus that seems determined to drain all of the blood from my entire system. And our choices are to attempt to treat it with herbal options, or waste an entire day again, attempting to just get a temporary fix via the prescription they're so quick to offer (slowly).

i'm tired...and dealing with this on top of the lack of time i've been able to be under Reaper's hands and have any kind of play...the apathy grows. i'm sick of dealing with abnormality...especially considering there is absolutely no reason that the bleeding should be this heavy. And this is mostly griping, and i'm sorry for that, but i feel betrayed by my body, which has no excuse not to work right, but refuses to follow the rules, leaving me with no appetite, and an overwhelming desire to have a good cry. Just in time for Christmas. Whee!

Actually, i do believe it will be a good Christmas...i'll just be tired and noming on iron-rich foods the entire time. i hope that the joy of the holidays (whatever holiday is your preference)  is wonderful, spirit-lifting and enjoyable for all of you. We have high hopes for 2014 and wish our kinky friends, near and far, an absolutely wonderful start to a year of fantastic things.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Apolgies and Disgust

I have to start by apologizing to everyone that follows us. We have not forgotten nor abandoned any of you lovely readers intentionally. As we have mentioned a number of times having children has pretty much killed our kink at the moment. Without exaggeration, if we were to combine the number of times we have had anything remotely sexual (actual sex, blow jobs, heavy petting) with the number of times we have had any level of play (including being bound for more than 5 minutes at a time, trying on metal cuffs and the like) we would have a count of a whopping 12 incidents in 2013. 

Now that is pathetic on any scale. And to save you lovely readers from the constant and overwhelmingly irate tirades that you all must know that both of us have thrown, we have opted not to write anything. It has become unspeakably painful to watch other members of the community share their experiences on Twitter, Fetlife, etc. Not that we begrudge anyone in the least for celebrating their moments, but it is so hard to watch or to want to comment or discuss aspects of the kink, O/p, M/s, lifestyles, without having any time for our own. We have, on many occasions, referenced Oscar Wilde's famous quote about how the heart will grow sick with longing. Well, our hearts are most definitely sick with what has become more mourning than longing.

But again, we have opted to spare you all from that. Whether right or wrong, as again we want this blog to remain honest about all aspects of our lives and not become just a promotion of one aspect over another, silence was my choice. This is my apology part of this blog post and I hope that you all can accept that choice for silence and forgive us for it.

Given the title, we now move into the disgust part of the blog. Though things for us have not changed and we do not have much to say about our lives at the moment, I do have to take a moment to express my horror at what is happening in other parts of the world currently. The situation in Russia for example. I know that in this country we have a fairly large anti-gay sentiment that raises its head profoundly when the topic of marriage equality comes up. In this country we also, largely, respect each other's opinions and as such I am not going to comment nor invite comment about the opinions of either side. I will, however, simply state this: Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Opinion should not ever decide what someone else can or cannot do. If something someone else does offends you, then don't do it yourself. 

I was listening to National Public Radio the other morning and I heard that the situation in Russia has progressed to the point where people are being incarcerated for peaceful protests, assaults continue to go unpunished, and laws are being considered that would allow officials to take children adopted by same sex families and jail the parents. This is sickening. History is replete with examples of legalized and officially sanctioned hatred, but to see it in one of the larger, industrialized, law-centric nations in the modern world is just... wrong. Or course, Russia has a history of these kinds of crimes against its own people under harsher regimes such as Stalin and not that it is ever right for persecution to exist, but this really stands out to me. To have a national governmental body openly incite violence against a non violent portion of its population screams madness. 

I know that this sort of thing, and far worse things, are happening world wide and I do not want to downplay the importance or impact of those happenings. However, this is a nation among the leading nations of the political world. And unlike aspects of Stalin' violations of human rights, theses are being played out in full view of the media and announced with near pride to the world. 

On a more personal perspective note: I will almost always side on the part of any law that protects the options of individuals to do what they wish. Everyone should have the right to do what they want, say what they want, live how they want. They should have the right to have their own opinions and views. They should also be acutely aware that those views and opinions will only ever govern themselves alone. 

As an example: I hate chewing gum with a seething, burning passion. I have everything to do with it. The sounds, the sight of it billowing from someone's mouth, the mess when people inevitably don't know what to do with it when they are done. Everything! I feel that it should be banned from sale and manufacture. Now, should that opinion then be allowed to govern all peoples? Do I have the right to prevent anyone who enjoys gum from partaking in its use solely because its existence offends me? Of course not, don't be ridiculous. If you don't like it, don't do it. If you don't want to see it, look away. If you can't stand the sound of it, ignore it. Now if the answer here seems simple and apparent for the hatred of something trivial, why then is the answer to a much larger and more important issue, like the hatred of equality for everyone, somehow illusive? 

 If I were to go to a court of law, any court from local to the Supreme court, and ask that gum be banned based solely upon the argument above, it would be laughed out immediately. "If you don't like people who use gum, son, well then that's just your problem."But, somehow, if we protest the rights of people to be with whoever they chose, then that is a serious case all of a sudden? No. Just no. 

I appreciate that I have the chance to share my own opinions regarding the situation in Russia and the world at large, and yes, I recognize that expressing this opinion will in no way change the actions or feelings of the people it is directed against. And thank you, dear reader, for sticking with us this past year of mostly silence. May the new year bring us all more opportunities to experience and share those experiences. 

Best regards and a Happy Holiday wishes to all...