Sunday, June 24, 2012

Awesomeness and suckage

Whew! What a wild, wild ride. We're slowly unpacking only what we need to unpack. We're debating on where we ultimately want to be, although the spot we landed in (at literally the last possible moment) is pretty flippin' awesome - other than the fact that we have no AC or ceiling fans. 

Throughout the move, i did my best to keep up with Master, plugging away, trying to haul in box for box, at least, if i couldn't manage the few pieces of furniture we did bring with us. We're not on the third floor or anything, but a half-flight to our front door, which is alright. But there is a full flight inside - we scored a pretty awesome little town home style apartment. So my knee, long damaged from my gracelessness and pavement, is adjusting. i digress, though. In the midst of the move, i did not drink enough fluids. i let myself get way too hot, way too stressed out, and wound up with a case of heat exhaustion. Master took pity on me and told me to take it easy. So on the days i felt pretty good, i'd do a little organizing, try and improve some of the flaws (like lack of curtains).

And Master and i had lots of awesome sex the first week we were here. i think we nailed 8 days in a row, technically speaking, though a lot of our toys weren't accessible, so it was very verbal, but very awesome and so, so sexy.

But then, i felt miserable; my core hurt, my legs hurt, my knees hurt, my head was throbbing, and despite the fact that it was around 90 degrees or better, and i was wearing as little clothing as possible - i got goosebumps and was reaching for a fleece blanket. Master didn't like it.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Fun...

Happy Father's day to all the fathers out there! I've never really been one to celebrate most holidays and, aside from a well timed phone call on Mother's day, I tend to avoid them. However, this Father's day feels different to me for some reason. 

Last night, while settling down for bed, the girl began humping my leg and whining pitifully.  Rolling over, I shoved her face into the bed, filling her to the hilt. I hammered her as she shuddered and whimpered and after a series of orgasms the girl begged to be hurt. I love my masochistic little bitch! After a quick break to dig through the totes containing my arsenal of toys, I returned to the bed with my pair of leather gloves and the silver, unconnected pair of clover clamps. 

Mounting her again, I placed the clover clamps onto her tender nipples and continued my vigorous riding. The noises the girl makes when in grips of pain and pleasure are intoxicating. I forced her down on the bed, crushing her clamped tits into the bed as I took my pleasure from her shuddering body. I enjoyed a much needed climax, slapping her ribs with my gloved hands as she screamed into the mattress. We collapsed and slept well all night. 

This morning, as a special treat for Father's day, I was awaken by the girl's hot mouth on my cock. As soon as I was mostly conscious, I rolled over and entered her again. I choked her a little and held my hand over her eyes with my thumb in her mouth, a objectifying hold to use on her while fucking. Again she begged for more, to be hurt and used. Happily, I retrieved the clover clamps and pulled the stocks from the closet. (Having the closet space we do, it is far easier to gain access to the fun bits like stocks and poles and canes than our previous home. A huge benefit!) 

The look of desire and fear on the girl's face was delightful as I returned to the bed. In moments the stocks were closed around her neck and wrists, leaving her helpless. The clamps bit down on her ever so tender nipples and she moaned and sobbed as her tits bounced while I fucked her, unable to prevent the pain shooting through her chest. I slapped her ribs and squished her belly as I pounded her, delighting in her agony. The bitch begged for mercy but I didn't let her off so easily. I left her to deal with her pain as I fucked her to orgasm after shuddering, sobbing orgasm. Finally I came hard into her, plucking the clamps from her nipples as she cried and came. 

It was a fantastic and delightful way to start Father's day and to break in our new place properly.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My friends, allow me to sum up the last few months in a single phrase: Holy Crap Nuggets! There, that about sums it up. So much has happened it is hard to recount it all, so perhaps a vague synopsis will do.

First, the girl graduated college, and thanks to a wild all nighter with a finicky four year old the eve of graduation day, I have hazy memories of the whole thing. Fortunately I also brought my camera to the event so I have pictures to punctuate the haze of my memories, and a video of her graduate class speech.

I am very proud of her, and was very pleased when she returned home after the festivities to fall to her knees and offer me her diploma. The girl earned Magda-Cum-Laud, honor society member, and the respect of her peers and teachers. Most importantly, she pleased her Owner. I had hoped that after years of living through a difficult, conflicting schedule and the constant stress of homework we would now have a chance to more fully enjoy our lifestyle. In some ways we have, though not nearly as much as we both have hoped.