Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Fun...

Happy Father's day to all the fathers out there! I've never really been one to celebrate most holidays and, aside from a well timed phone call on Mother's day, I tend to avoid them. However, this Father's day feels different to me for some reason. 

Last night, while settling down for bed, the girl began humping my leg and whining pitifully.  Rolling over, I shoved her face into the bed, filling her to the hilt. I hammered her as she shuddered and whimpered and after a series of orgasms the girl begged to be hurt. I love my masochistic little bitch! After a quick break to dig through the totes containing my arsenal of toys, I returned to the bed with my pair of leather gloves and the silver, unconnected pair of clover clamps. 

Mounting her again, I placed the clover clamps onto her tender nipples and continued my vigorous riding. The noises the girl makes when in grips of pain and pleasure are intoxicating. I forced her down on the bed, crushing her clamped tits into the bed as I took my pleasure from her shuddering body. I enjoyed a much needed climax, slapping her ribs with my gloved hands as she screamed into the mattress. We collapsed and slept well all night. 

This morning, as a special treat for Father's day, I was awaken by the girl's hot mouth on my cock. As soon as I was mostly conscious, I rolled over and entered her again. I choked her a little and held my hand over her eyes with my thumb in her mouth, a objectifying hold to use on her while fucking. Again she begged for more, to be hurt and used. Happily, I retrieved the clover clamps and pulled the stocks from the closet. (Having the closet space we do, it is far easier to gain access to the fun bits like stocks and poles and canes than our previous home. A huge benefit!) 

The look of desire and fear on the girl's face was delightful as I returned to the bed. In moments the stocks were closed around her neck and wrists, leaving her helpless. The clamps bit down on her ever so tender nipples and she moaned and sobbed as her tits bounced while I fucked her, unable to prevent the pain shooting through her chest. I slapped her ribs and squished her belly as I pounded her, delighting in her agony. The bitch begged for mercy but I didn't let her off so easily. I left her to deal with her pain as I fucked her to orgasm after shuddering, sobbing orgasm. Finally I came hard into her, plucking the clamps from her nipples as she cried and came. 

It was a fantastic and delightful way to start Father's day and to break in our new place properly.

Time for some updates: Well, we found a new home and have completely severed ties with our old place. It was harrowing to be sure, I made arrangements with the landlord of our new place the day before the move was to happen and signed the lease agreement the day we moved in. Talk about coming down to the wire! Thanks to the strenuous efforts of the girl's family, we managed to pack all of our crap into a Uhaul and make it into our new home in under seven hours. Over the next week we managed to clean up the old house for our returning land lady and nearly finished setting up our new place. We need to get some new book shelves to house our many books and nick knacks, but for the most part, it's all set up.

We had to get rid of most of our furniture, including our couch and our former bed, both celebrated events as we had come to dislike both. The girl's grandmother and aunt gave us a new bed, a King size. We love it! It was a bit difficult to drag up the stairs and the box springs do not have thick wooden sides into which I can install my eye bolts for bedroom bondage, but it is still a massive improvement over our former, squeak fest of a bed. 

Also, without a couch, we have almost no seating for entertaining friends so we continue to seek alternatives. We both like the idea of a more Greek styled sitting arrangement with various throw pillows and cushions, but they also take up space. Our new place has about the same amount of square footage, but is far more open considering the roof isn't slanted giving it a much more roomy feel. I have arduously attempted to conserve as much space as possible and too that end I dislike the notion of cluttering or cumbersome furniture taking up space. 

One wildcard at the moment is the lack of space for our immense hobby interests. In our old place I had a desk upon which I did most of my painting, model making, sculpting, etc. The girl was allowed space for her easel and oil paints and did a surprising job of keeping her space mostly clean and paint spatter free. However, the desk didn't come with us and there is no real place for the girl's painting here. As such, there is a large pile of boxes still looking for a permanent home. 

Yet despite all of that, we are both happy with the new place and look forward to the opportunity to utilize it's floor space to the utmost. There is a beam across the ceiling separating the kitchen from the living room and upon seeing it for the first time, the girl and I looked at each other with that knowing twinkle. Now I just have to test it's load bearing ability and install some hardware. So exciting! We might actually have a place with an overhead point for bondage and hanging! 

So, that pretty much sums up our last week or so. The move is finished and we are starting to settle into our new place, enjoying what opportunities provide themselves with somewhat easier to access fun bits. Now to find a place to set up the cage... Ciao for now, dear reader...

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