Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Metal babble

Time just speeds on by doesn't it? Who would have believed how drastically life could change in one year? Ha. Or how much i've changed over the years?

A long time ago, Master talked about metal collars as an all the time thing, and i freaked out. Especially at the turian style ones. A ring of metal? Inconceivable. Seemed...too obvious...at least to me.

But almost four years ago, Master and i came to a...workable...solution to his love of metal. A dog chain, which i've blogged about before, with no clasp, no discernible opening. It had only been off once in those four years, for two months split between 2012 and 2013... It was off again over the weekend, though. Not that my neck was bare, mind you, but something else had been put there...a rolled steel collar.

That was an adjustment for me; i'm very used to the looseness and mobility of the chain, but the steel collar Master had picked was a (very) close fit so as not to be banging on my collar bone. Master could slip his fingers through and grip it easily, but it felt like it was a constant and continual pressure on each side of my neck...maybe that was more claustrophobia than anything.

On the whole, Master was very pleased with it and kept commenting on how nice it looked. It isn't from either of the popular steel collar sites, but was picked up from another site as it was seriously discounted (half price, muhahaha), which meant that Master also picked up some steel wrist cuffs and a square-ish steel collar as well... He's not as pleased with those because the magnetic pin "lock" can be pried out with a fingernail. Also, he had some choice expletives about the cuffs, as they are too big for my weirdly shaped wrists as i can just slide them right off and they are much too small for my ankles.

The turian, though, is above my expectations. It is pretty. And the seams of it are nice and tight. i'm just not sure i'm ready for that to be the metal that's always around my neck.

(Also, i have an ellipsis addiction.)