Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Caged Meat...

Thank the gods for Spring Break! A couple of days without academic distractions, coupled with a bit of creative parenting, and this could be the start of some real fun. Earlier today, I pulled the dog cage out of the closet and had it assembled in no time, I'm getting really good at putting it together quickly.

When my pet returned from an errand, we had a quick bite for lunch, and into the cage she went, naked of course. She had no idea how long she was going to be in it, even I didn't have a specific time in mind. A sheet over the top separated her from the world outside the cage and kept the boy from seeing mommy in such a vulnerable, and difficult to explain, position.

My slave remained caged for nearly three hours before our dinner plan for the evening required her release. Three hours of relative quite, peace, and reflection, with occasional ordered orgasms and impacts upon the cage bars, just to rattle her a little. You should have seen her eyes, dilated almost as wide as her iris and a cunt so wet her thighs were moist. Once out, she knelt, legs spread wide like the little slut slave she is and she kissed my foot, thanking me. I hadn't felt that right in a while now.

Best part is, the cage will remain set up for the rest of Spring Break and available at a moment's notice to lock her away. What better way to ensure that a slave knows just how owned and controlled she is than to be locked away in a small cage for hours on her Master's whim?...

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

So, yesterday, my dear Master blogged about the aggravations we're experiencing. He talked about how He's become frustrated with the subtle aspects that we have in our relationship, and how desperately we need time to connect, time to be the sadist and masochist, the torturer and the tortured.

And later that evening, the stars aligned and the door to our play space was open, inviting and child free.

We looked at each other, a bit giddy, and then the primal needs took over. A few whacks with a flogger seemed lacking, but the snap of the bamboo cane Master recently obtained from the sub-shop hit home. Whacks to my ample bottom and thighs got my feet kicking, and Master whacked those some, too. Delicious, that. (i hope He'll cane my feet again soon!) As i squirmed about, Master moved on to the front, and whacks over my breasts and ribs had me confusedly trying to escape and remain still all at once.

As i found myself bound down, Master fished out an inflatable gag along with the ring gag, clover clamps and a few bamboo skewers. After he had gagged me, using the ring gag to ensure that i didn't have the chance to force out the inflatable gag, i found myself buried in deliriously delicious pain as Master carved a word into my flesh with the point of the bamboo skewer.

As Master fucked me (glory!), the clovers bounced about, tightening as they tend to do, while He whacked upon my breasts and ribs with the skewer. It wasn't long before i was struggling to beg His permission to cum. Devious as He is, He refused until i would acquiesce to the butt plug. Four opportunities came and went (have i mentioned i'm stubborn and a little bull headed?) before i agreed.

Of course, the blinding delight soon followed, for Master is true to his word, and orgasms followed, delighting both of us. And, we are, for a bit, content again, Master securely in His place as the cruel, demanding and loving one, and me safely below, subjugated property, adoring the one who owns her with the word "bitch" carved into her torso.

We hope this trend continues!
please, oh, please!
P.S. Remember it's still March...If you have questions, ask us and we'll answer!

Monday, March 22, 2010

When Try Becomes an Excuse...

As we have written about a great deal, our opportunities for play have dried up like a watering hole on the Sahara thanks to our little one. We have tried to sate ourselves on the subtler aspects of our high protocol dynamic, but it seems more and more that this just serves to remind us both how lacking everything is.

This has also brought with it an interesting situation. To be completely honest, as I expect my slave to be, when faced with a task she is unsure about she tells me she will try. For instance, I gave her a paddling just the other day for not getting the laundry put away the day she brought it home from the laundromat. This gave our son plenty of time to spread it around the bedroom and nearly the whole house. Obviously, not good. Not to mention the wrinkles in my work clothes that are just unacceptable.

After the punishment, I asked her if she was going to remember to put the laundry away right away the next time. She responded with, "i'll try, Master." Now once in a while or when I know there might be something that will potentially interfere with her ability to get some task done, I can accept i'll try. However, it seems that I hear that being uttered every time I tell her to do something or to be more mindful of something. It appears to me that i'll try has become a blanket excuse for only putting forth the barest of effort. When there is a task for someone to do, whether it is knowingly within their ability or not and they approach it with try, it seems that the task is less likely to get done. This largely strikes me as a huge lack of commitment. I also cannot help but hear Jedi Master Yoda every time she says i'll try, "Do, or do not. There is no try," and though I'm a huge Star Wars fan, that little green bastard is getting damned repetitive.

I know that right now there are a number of huge demands upon both of our time. Our son and my slave's school work have taken an obvious tole. As mentioned before, I feel that school should take some priority, especially since in doing so she is obeying my wishes. However, I cannot help but feel that any and all other desires or interests that I may have have fallen so far along the way side that I cannot even see them in the rear view mirrors any more.

I feel what is needed is a re-dedication to her role as my slave through heavy, immersive play and punishments. However, such activities have little chance to be realized for a long time, thus causing the whole thing to circle back around to the beginning. What fun...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Q&A Madness...

Hello all, as my pet has mentioned its March and that means Q&A. I have yet to figure out why March specifically means Q&A, but I like Q&A regardless so here we go. Florida Dom asked us the following.

Do your scenes tend to change over time. For example, do you less or more of bondage than you used to. And less or more spankings.

As all things over time, our scenes have changed as we have. Bondage has always been a large focus for our play. In the beginning it was almost exclusively rope bondage with regular leather cuff use. Body harnesses were much more common than now however. Overall I feel our scenes had become more involved, more complex, and at times more daring over the last few years. As our toy box has expanded, so has our variety of play. More involved bondage options, such as straight jackets, homemade stocks, bamboo poles, several things seen in the photo section of my profile on Fetlife.com are some examples of these changes.

Spankings have remained a large component of our play, although this also has gone through some evolution. The somewhat recent addition of canes to our toy box, a new heavier flogger that provides a much more desired impact than our old one, and a variety of wooden spoons and paddles have changed the game quite a bit.

The most obvious change has come from the addition of our child. To quote Bill Engval "If you have children, there's no tantric sex... you can have frantic sex..." Long involved scenes with intricate bondage or sustained torment have nearly vanished from our lives. Hours of torment and sex have been reduced to fifteen minute, thirty if we are blessed, interludes that serve to just take the edge off of my sadistic needs and her masochistic desires. Bondage has gone from involved beauty bordering on art to neigh abusive efficiency and convenience, and spankings... well I have yet to discover a spanking silencer... yet.

And do the scenes usually lead to sex?

That really hasn't changed in the ten plus years of our play. Sex has always been a massive part of our play as it has our lives. It is a rarity for us to have a play session that doesn't end in sex one way or another. And if it doesn't, then we were probably interrupted.

And does sex include BJs and anal sex very often?

Blow jobs are an interesting part of our play. As mentioned above, sex is a huge part of our play and for my pet the idea that I would prefer a blow job over sex makes her feel inadequate. If we have any opportunity for either sex or a blow job it is likely that we'll take the sex. The only times I get her to give me a blow job is when she is either closed for business down there or I insist.

I do prefer a degree of oral pleasing in most of our scenes, whether it be for her to just perk me up or moisten my cock prior to fucking, or as an act of humility and submission. However, it does not happen near as much as either of us would like due to the young one.

As for anal... This is an area that we are working to expand upon. jenpet has never been a very anally interested slave, however recently there has been more head way. We recently purchased a new butt plug and an inflatable enema system. Again the lack of time has been a huge enemy here as well, an enema takes a little time to prepare and administer, especially a bound enema. I can just see her bound down, gagged, plug inflated inside her anus, water just starting to pour in when... Wham! The door is thrown open and there stands our little man, eyes wide and memorizing everything he sees for future therapy sessions. Oie...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Eggs and Q&A

It's still March. Whoot! And thankfully, i have more questions to stimulate blogs! Remember, all month long, Master and i will be answering questions, so feel free to leave us a comment here, or send either one of us messages on FetLife and we'll bring the questions here.

Over on FetLife, i was asked a series of questions, but i believe the quester would prefer to remain anonymous, so without further ado, the questions and answers!

"However you define, "typical".. what's a typical day like in your home?"
Typical does not define us. At all. Every day, beyond the normal stuff like school and Master's job, is an adventure. i never really know what to expect, in part because we are a houseful of chaos driven people. i do my best to make sure that the needs and wants of Master are met, as are the needs of our son. i suck at keeping house, but i try to do so. Master and i both work to make sure that we get at least a little time each day to connect on as many levels as we can, though sometimes, that doesn't work out the way we would hope. If there's time and i have permission, i like to paint and draw. But no day or week is ever like any other.

Is there any one thing you can say to your Master that you know will get you "the look"?
There are many. Using imperative form rather than asking politely, using certain words or phrases, being impertinent in general... And if i use the word "dude" to refer to Him (or anyone else, really) His eyes snap to me and much like my favorite picture of Him on FetLife, it seems as if He is going to bore a hole through me!

"Do you ever wonder what it would be like to change places with your Master for just one day?"
No. i know what it would be like. i don't want that. For me to do what comes so naturally to Him is more work than following His rules.

"What are some non-BDSM goals you and your Master would like to accomplish this year?"
Both of us want to make some serious life changes. We don't really like where we live. We aren't terribly happy continuing to rent...stuff like that. We have a plan, but it is all very tentative right now.

"Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"
Since creatures are so complex, in order to really provide an adequate answer to that question, i believe you have to look at other creatures. Sure, a chick could potentially survive without a chicken looking after it, but could a foal? Because the horse came before the foal, a chicken must come before the egg. And since we're talking about a chicken rather than specifically a rooster, the facts suggest that the chicken already had eggs, so the two events must occur simultaneously.

Remember...we're answering questions all month long. BDSM related or not, leave us a comment or a message over on FetLife and we'll post it!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Questions

Since it's March, we're doing the whole "you ask us a question and we answer" thing. It will be great fun, as long as people ask! Leave your questions anonymously, or not, as a comment over the month (any post we make), be they about BDSM, life in general, or something completely off the wall and we'll answer them! And then you get more from us to read. ;)

Speaking of Questions, Biddable asked "If there was one kid's TV show you could make (along with its associated merchandise) disappear as though it had never been, which would you choose?"

For me, that's easy to answer. It may be cliche, but i hate the purple dinosaur. Hate him. Thankfully, we don't actually have television, so our son hasn't discovered that "wonderful" addiction, so we aren't up to our necks in purple dinosaurs. Though the little guy really does enjoy watching clips of Sesame Street, which is cool with me.

Master, however, would rather get rid of a rather ribald cartoon, which is not meant to be a kids' show (but many kids watch it since it airs on Nikelodeon), about a particular yellow square. His stand is, yes, the purple dinosaur is doofy, but at least it's semi-educational, so it's better to be rid of the ridiculousness of a sponge in the sea.

Speaking of purple kid's shows, i did thoroughly enjoy the movie "Death to Smoochy" with Robin Williams. Funny stuff, that.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Question time!!

Oh, noes! It is already March!

This year is flying by. On the other hand, Master and i are out of our funks (YAY!) so you can expect a blog post about that sometime soon...and a video from Master sometime soon as well!

Meanwhile. March also means it's time to ask questions...so, feel free to comment and ask questions. You can either ask both of us to answer them, or one of us, or leave it open ended... i'm not bossy.

We'll do our best to answer all the questions that come our way over the month.