Monday, August 15, 2016



Well then...There's been a lot of really cool stuff lately. Not as much kink as we would like, but Master and I are working on building little rituals that work inside our regular day to day, which is phenomenal. Thunder was a really big help this year. Fantastic.

But this...this is kind of a vanilla post from me. See, Iseley was in our neighborhood over the weekend, so we had her over to hang out during the day.

We've been chatting via text fairly regularly for the last few weeks, so I was excited to meet her in person. Master told me she might text me if her GPS misled her, but the text I received was her letting me know she was here.

Impressions...she's adorable! Her voice is delightful, and she seems very comfortable in her skin, and expresses herself with very little reservation, though I think she definitely let her guard down a bit with me. I envy her height, because I am a "short" person who grew up with tall people. Her eyes are very expressive and fast; she caught so many things that many people don't notice, and I loved how free she felt to comment on everything. Her inner joy is catching, and she's wickedly clever and fun.

We spent many fun hours chatting, sharing some of our favorite things, she brought me delicious, delicious ginger snap cookies that she'd made, and we had a blast. I was feeling fairly shy, but we did talk quite a bit, and I smiled a lot.  We teased Master via text about the fact that I'd finished my chores early in the day so that we could do whatever we liked while he was at work. She shared some of her music, and I enjoyed listening to a genre that isn't typical for me, we doodled with sharpies for a while, and generally just enjoyed the day. When our Friday afternoon together had been spent, I was quite sad. But I was very much looking forward to Saturday. She'd promised to cook one of her favorite meals for us and stay for gaming.

The food was fantastic...and gaming was hilariously, delightfully, ridiculous (we barely finished one combat section, because we were laughing, talking and running characters about in a drunken state) but I think my favorite part is that we just laughed and smiled so much.

Being around Iseley was like finding a long-lost best friend...And I'm looking forward to the next chance we get.

Summing up an impression of someone is challenging, but little things I noticed and loved that I have to share:
♥ When she draws, she draws the way I do, with her face inches away from her art.
♥ When she listens to music, her hands move the way Master's a violinist feeling the music and imagining the strings...
♥ She's courageous when meeting people for the first time.
♥ She loves owls.
♥ It's easy to be around her, and appreciate her for who she is, without expectation.