Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Little Anal...

Well it has been a while since I have settled down to write on this blog and I'd like to apologize for it to those who follow us closely. I have periods in which I go through antisocial periods where I don't have the inclination to share much with others. But the new year is approaching and that cloud of public disenchantment is fading. 

So, what has been happening recently? Well, as the girl has written, the school semester has come to an end leaving us time to be ourselves. Well as much as we can with a 4 year old running around the house. Opportunities have presented themselves and been utilized. Last week we had the chance for a sensory deprivation scene. The pictures, of course, can be found on my Fetlife profile. We had discussed some rather hot scene ideas, things that had piled up throughout the semester, and one such notion was the idea of sensory deprivation. It was the girl's idea too, which made it that much more tempting. 

So upstairs we went. I began by taping each of the girl's fingers individually with electrical tape and then taping them all together with duct tape. The feeling of helplessness that comes over her when her fingers are bound in this way is delicious and certainly adds to the loss of senses. For her auditory sense, I placed headphone ear buds on her and plugged them into my laptop to pipe music into her ears. Then I pulled two hoods over her head, the soft cloth one and the heavy leather one. To exacerbate the feeling of restriction on her head, I locked on the leather posture collar. I then bound her writs with the metal shackles, which I love soooo much, and laid her on her back and chained the shackles to the bed. 

Her legs I bound with leather belts in a frog tie, keeping her cunt widely exposed to all the devilish fun I had in mind. A belt around her middle, squeezed down tightly as well as one around her ribs under her breasts and she could hardly breath. As an added touch, I placed strips of electrical tape over her hardening nipples and then placed the silver clover clamps on them. How that drives her crazy, the pain muted but still on the edge of what she feels she can handle.

So there she lay, blinded, deafened, unable to move, gasping for air, and exposed to everything I could think to do to her. A poke here and a prod there got her squirming and panting and I delighted in the growing trepidation that overtook her. When she spoke, she half shouted just to hear her own words, mostly pleas for mercy and such. The usual music to my ears. 

Because her sight and hearing had been deprived, her flesh came alive under my touch. The slightest breath drove her hips to grind. It was time to start tormenting her girly bits. I took one of the nipple sucker cups and poured a small amount of hand sanitizer into it before sucking it down upon her clit. Thus engorged with blood and over sensitized in general, all of her attention was focused on her sex. Perfect. 

It is wholly entertaining, the application of a powerful vibrator to a sucker attached to a woman's clitoris. The vibrations surround the swollen button of flesh but distant and overpowering at the same time. Oh how she gyrated and whimpered. Randomly, I would press the vibe against the plastic tube, varying how long and how much pressure I would use. Next I added clips to her outer labia, spreading her open wider and eliciting more squeals and whimpers. 

After a while of tormenting her with the vibrator and making her beg again and again for the chance to cum before I'd pull away leaving her quivering in denial, I finally allowed her an opportunity to shudder for me screaming. Then I yanked the sucker off of her clit suddenly, releasing all of that warmed hand sanitizer to spray all over her sex. How it burned, she cried and screamed, struggling against her bonds to escape the pain. I couldn't sooth her with my voice and couldn't show her my cold smile of sadistic pleasure as she suffered, so I just patted her stomach as if to say, "there there bitch, you'll survive." 

That really drove her over the edge and as the burn subsided she was practically streaming moisture down her taint. I placed the vibrator firmly over her clit and forced her over the edge again and again, delighting in the gasping piteous begging for one orgasm to end and the next to begin. Then I fucked her, I didn't even release her legs at first, just settled in between her legs and made her beg for my cock. As I pounded her, the only real way for me to let her know I permitted her to cum was to grab her hooded head and make her nod "yes". Again and again I nodded her head and relished the feel of her restrained body shuddering and bucking beneath me. At long last we were both spent and I took my time releasing her.

That was just one of the scenes we've managed to enjoy together during this break and I'm looking forward to the next one we have planned. We have discussed at length doing a sleep deprivation scene and it looks like this coming week will be perfect for it. Also, as the title of this post was meant to imply, we have made serious progress in the application of anal sex. Not only have we integrated it into a couple of scenes, the girl has gotten to the point where she will both ask for it and admit to liking it. A couple of weeks ago, while having basic normal living room sex (fun thing to say), while she was bent over the Liberator Flip Ramp we won from Eden Fantasies during one of their giveaways, I pushed my thumb into her ass all the way in and was delighted in the intense shuddering of her resulting orgasms. And just the other day we used the butt plug during doggy style sex with resounding success. I am so happy and proud of my girl as this marks one of the last true hard limits she has retained during our time together and her training. 

So, there is more to come and lots of fun yet to be had. Thanks for reading...

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Make Merry...

...for it is the holiday season!

my semester has ended, and while life won't be topsy-turvy busy because of school, we're still swamped with things to do. Thankfully, Master and i have had a few significant chances to get in some much needed time to connect as Sadist and masochist, Owner and property. There are pictures over on His FetLife page, if you want to see. ☺

i'm feeling somewhat better, less depressed, less taken by my grief, more myself. Which is nice. On Christmas day, i'm sure i'll cry, missing those who aren't with us this year, but i am looking forward to sharing the holiday with Master, as i have for the last 11 years.

But beyond Solstice, Christmas and the birthdays that fall in between and after, i'm really hoping that Master and i might come up with one or two days that will belong solely to us -- er, Him -- in which Master can do all of the things He wants, whims uninterrupted by everything else. We hope.

Meanwhile, from us to you, Happy holidays. Blessed Yule. Happy Solstice. Merry Christmas. Or...whichever holiday is most appropriate to you. May your New Year start with a blessedness, may 2012 bring you happiness, peace, joy, and lots of kinky good times.