Wednesday, July 6, 2011


It's been a crazy few weeks here...
And Master and i are excited people. This weekend, we'll be kid-free and attending an event we've wanted to attend for years. We're going to Thunder In the Mountains!
Even better, we'll be able to spend some time with our dear playmates Master Pravus and Red Vinyl Kitty! 

Even though i've always wanted to go to Thunder, i wasn't too sure how i was feeling about it this year. i mean - it's not easy to break away from the routine, and i'm, well, crazy-nut-balls-anxious about everything that isn't routine. As we've gotten closer, i've found myself more and more exited about the whole thing. There's a chance that we might run into folks we've met on FetLife (though we won't be able to make the pre-Thunder meeting), there's lots of cool seminars going on, throughout the weekend, and play-parties. Master and i haven't seen a public play party in at least seven years. We remember them fondly, and we're pretty excited to see how those work out. 

As soon as we're back from Thunder, we're planning on blogging the experience. Because Thunder is an extremely privacy-oriented event, there won't be any pictures from the event itself, but if we manage to get some private playtime in, of course we'll have photos of that to share!

i'm off to start the packing! (Yes, i know it's only Wednesday, but that's okay. i want to be ready for Friday morning with plenty of rest under my belt.)