Friday, December 31, 2010

Unexpected: Note...

Happy New Year Everyone! Just a short note here to catch up on current events. We are freaking freezing! :) The average temp in my house at the moment is 55 degrees at eleven in the morning. Our washing machine's cold water line and drain froze up, of course we didn't discover this until the girl started a load. Ah the fun of country living.

Well, I know that it has been a while since we posted and we were right in the middle of some pretty cool things happening too. However, due to unexpected injuries, colds, and holidays, our plans have pretty much stalled out. Anal training has been put on hold for the moment, though the girl, yes the girl, has expressed interest in finishing the training regiment. Though I expect this is only to thoroughly prove to me that she does not like, nor cannot stand to do it so I will have no choice but to drop it forever. We'll see.

The girl managed to throw her back out pretty good this time and her shoulders are in a bad way, limiting just about everything I could conceivably do with her. No bondage, no caging, no blow jobs, oh and hey that time of the month too. What a way to ring in the new year. Poor, poor slave girl. Please, for those of you who know what it is like to be sick, cold, sore, and on the punctuation, or any combination there of, send her some sympathy comments. Either that or sadistically tell her to suffer through it, like I do ;D.

So here we are, suffering through the cold without the benefit of central heating. God how did people live before central heat? 65 degrees and the girl balls herself up on her heating pad under two blankets, shivering. I suppose I'll just have to lock her away in the cage under all that and hope to see her again in the spring. God what a long, sexless, dull winter that would be, so forget that. I guess she'll just have to suffer the whole time. Sweet...

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Yesterday did not go at all according to any sort of plan. Master woke up later than He had wanted to. The boy-child woke up sooner than i expected him to. And so the rest of the day was kind of full of unexpectedness. Master and i puttered about, He worked on painting some of His miniatures, i thought about going up to work on my own project to be near Him, but the dishes were calling and it seemed the perfect day to make homemade chicken soup (bestest homemade soup ever, Master said). So that's what we did. It was quiet, and fun, but not at all what Master had planned for the day.
As the day wound down, Master and i began to feel tired, and worried that all opportunity would escape us. The boy-child was ridiculously excited and bouncy (his birthday is coming very soon, i think that may have some influence on the recent over-excitableness), and we were holding little hope in our hearts. Suddenly, i realized it had gone quiet. As we looked into the child's room, we saw that he had tucked himself in (dawwww! Cutest thing in the world!) and gone to sleep after all.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Anal Training: Day 5...

Day five of our anal training adventure was less successful. We had company early in the day, an old friend we haven't had time to see in a while stopped by for the morning. It was a great visit, but then I had to rush off to work for a few hours. The child had fallen asleep during our visit and had finally woken just before I returned home, leaving us no alone time to do it. Given some sleep issues, being that neither of us got more than five hours apiece, I was willing to let it go for the day and work it a bit extra the next.

Though, the girl didn't like that idea, so she suggested that we go ahead and do it. It was funny to watch her literally kick herself for offering the notion, but I accepted her request. The girl asked if we could spend less time, about half an hour this time since I expected her to get up and move around. With the kiddo downstairs running a muck, we intended to come back down once she was plugged up.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

still here...more so, in fact

Hey, is it just me or is it cold? Oh, right, it's December. Normally there'd be snow on the ground by now, but with one little weenie dusting of snow thus far, it's easy to forget. It is cold here, though, and i will admit, i am a Colorado native who hates the cold...

Regardless, the Winter Break has begun, and i have been more subject to Master's whims than i have in quite a while. This includes, but is (definitely) not limited to, this whole business of trying anal. (Would that be considered the a.v. card?) i am admittedly, a bit grouchy about the whole business. i've never been at all interested in anal -- after all, my cunt is pretty damn close to perfect (had more than one gyno say so, anyway, and i'm rather fond of it myself), and it functions excellently during sex. But, anal is something that Master has deemed important. And so, i am doing my best to follow along with this plan of His, and trying very hard not to be snarky or angry about it, though at moments i certainly fail. Thus far, i haven't found it particularly enjoyable, remotely pleasurable, or entertaining, but Master has asked me to give it an "honest try" and so i do.

Otherwise, it has been rather nice to be able to spend so much time with Master, snuggling with Him, talking with Him, being used by Him, and in general, being near Him. It's a bit of an adjustment, as Master and the boy had their own little routine and now we're tumbling everything about trying to make sense of it as a family for the month i'll be free of school work. Not free from anything else though! (lol)

i'm sure, that as the time progresses, i'll be back to make more posts, eventually come up with something to say, and in general, be a bit more active on the blog and at FetLife (provided Master permits either), but for now, that's the short and long of it.

If i don't manage one more post before you all get your holiday plans underway... Happy holidays, and by that i mean specifically the holiday you celebrate this season. ;) :P

Anal Training: Day 4...

Day four went so much better. Even from the beginning, this was a great day. It has been cold here today, and cold is a big problem for my little pet. Around midday I took my girl upstairs and locked her away in the cage, which was sitting by the upstairs windows and was bathed in midday sunlight. I figured that it would help the girl to do some sunning and it is always a good idea for her to be locked up.

At first I let her get in with her clothes on but no blanket. It has been a while since she has been in the cage, the first time in the new house as a matter of fact. It dawned on her that being in the cage with jeans on was not so good, so some whining and a lot of tumbling around later, I let her strip her clothes off and gave her a blanket instead. Here are some pictures of her in the cage. I left her in for about an hour and a half. I would have done it longer, but our curious child kept running over trying to remove the cover blanket as if searching for Christmas presents. Eventually, I had to let her out so we could get on with our day.

Anal Training: Day 3...

Just a short note. So, day three didn't go according to plan either. Because of day two's issues, the girl had bloody a stool in the morning and mentioned that it still ached. Given an early work schedule that night, my seething happiness over the utilities bill, and our kid, I decided to allow her one day of reprieve to heal up.

So on to today, day four. Last night I went and picked up a thicker lubricating jelly that should solve day two's issue. We're looking at doing it a bit later today, along with a righteous fucking and some time in the cage. I'll post again later to keep you all updated on her anal progress...

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Cannot Believe...

So, I received my power bill for this past month and... OMG WTF!!! Is the public service company trying to bankrupt the working class? My bills during the summer were on average about $50. Yeah, quintuple that! And its not even fucking cold outside! There are god damned flies still buzzing around out there for craps sake!

After my last bill, which about made me blow my top and was only triple my summer average, I've been old manning it hard core. Leaving only one light on in the whole house at a time, using sleep modes on TVs to limit their time on, turning our ancient floor board heaters down to barely warm settings, etc. Now, for the next month we're looking at living Amish style. I'm sure fucking looking forward to lots of missionary and those awesome hats!

F my Xcelent utilities provider!...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Anal Training: Day 2...

This morning, while the kiddo was still asleep, we got a start on the second day of plugging. The girl was much more sensitive today and twitched quite a bit while I worked the plug into her. Lots of lube, but less conversation today which I think had an effect. Though the girl was far less resistant today as well, mostly pouting an maybe a second or two of hesitation before obeying my commands.

Yesterday, given the amount of comforting that was necessary to get her through the experience, we connected in a very sensual way. Lots of conversation, lots of touching and reassuring. Today, though I still allowed her to be free of the cage and I stayed with her throughout the ordeal, there was far less communication. I' m not even sure why, but we both lay there mostly in silence, punctuated by my occasional question or prodding. My attempts to massage her breast again were fruitless as she said it only made things ache more.


I am so pissed right now. Clear damn skies for weeks and the night of the Geminid meteor shower and the whole sky is blotted out by freaking clouds! The whole damned sky! The Geminid meteor shower is fueled by the Asteroid 3200 Phaethon and according to the Christian Science Monitor, it is one of the most spectacular of the annual meteor showers.

I cannot express just how much I was looking forward to this event, and now here I am under a blanket of clouds which, I swear to something holy, will no doubt be absent tomorrow night! F my geographic location! I'm going to bed...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Anal Training: Day 1...

Today was the first day of jenpet's imposed anal training. Having anything inserted into her asshole, indeed just having her asshole as the focus of sexual interest, makes her clam up instantly. Thus, I expected a fair amount of resistance when I told her it was time.

she pouted, whined, dragged her feet, and was even openly argumentative. But I expected that and we managed to work through it. It being the first time in a long while, I went slow, used lots of lube, and eased the small plug into her ass. There was a lot of sharp intakes of breath, moaning, cringing, but she didn't openly fight it by kicking or clenching down on the plug. I was proud of her for that.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Couple Quick Things...

What a busy week this turned out to be!

Finishing up the semester for the both of us, visiting family, meeting new friends, and tonight we just got our Christmas tree up and shimmering.

This last semester really was a very hectic one, with our schedules being so tight. Now I know they say that which ever one you are currently dealing with is always the worst, but this semester really did take it out of the both of us. At times we barely had half an hour when she got home before I had to rush off to work. Wow, kinksters that pass in the night, or at least early evening. But that is all over now and tomorrow marks the real beginning of the nice long break for the girl and the beginning of anal training as well. Oh boy! :D

We were invited this passed weekend to attend the birthday party of a friend of my parents. The invitation itself caught us a little off guard, we only met the guy once during Thanksgiving dinner at my parent's house. Apparently our conversations made something of an impression. Having an interest in schmoozing a bit, I decided to take him up on it and down to Denver we went. This gave us the chance to do a number of things, too many in fact for one single day visit.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Operative of Obsidian Chapter 4

So, here is Chapter 4 of my Operative or Obsidian story. Enjoy, and if there are any comments or questions, please feel free...

Chapter 4

Autumn crouched behind a low barricade, sliding another clip into her weapon and chambering a round. She peaked her head over the edge for a brief moment, dropping back down as another bout of gunfire erupted from the building across the way. Taking a breath, she waited for a break in the assault before leaning to the side of her cover and firing off three rounds, one at each target. She rolled back behind the wall as only one of the targets fired back.

She counted the seconds, steadied her breathing, and listened. Suddenly, she spun, placing two shots center mass into the man who had rushed around to flank her. Seamlessly, she turned her weapon back on the building and fired a single shot before dropping down out of sight. Even from where she was she could hear the body drop from the window.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day Eleven of Thirty...

Day 11: What are your views on the ethics of kink?

In answering this question, I clicked on the link and was taken to Rayne's post on Eden Cafe. It helped to clarify exactly what this question entails. I'd recommend checking it out.

The ethics of kink, in my mind, are largely tied into two principles; consent and acceptance.

The basic principle that separates kinky relationships from the inhuman acts of despotic leaders and the vilified kinksters in popular media is consent. For instance, the American government was, and may still be, in hot water with human rights groups over the treatment of prisoners, specifically waterboarding. Well, I waterboard jenpet; I love it, she loves it. The act is the same, the intent is even the same, torture. The only difference is that when I do it to her, it is a consensual act between two consenting adults. Amnesty International need not involve themselves.

The other side of that coin, because I view them to be tied together, is acceptance. This has as much to do with the community at large as it does the individual relationship. We are all looking for some level of acceptance. Finding a partner that accepts your interests, you kinks is the bane of many vanilla based relationships. Within the community, and FetLife is an excellent example, we list our kinks, our wants, our experiences. We look for recognition and acceptance through comments, friend requests, wall to wall messages, etc. Along with acceptance, or more appropriately from acceptance, we look for those who share our interests and come together in groups on the subject were we comment, debate, etc.

That said, I'm going to focus on my views of the ethics regarding individual relationships.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Day Ten of Thirty...

Day Ten: What are your hard limits?

Well, now we're getting the meat of the matter. Hard limits. Hmmm. This is a bit trickier then it sounds. I like to think of myself as open minded and open to new things. However I suppose we all have some things that just don't work for us, or at least turn us on.

Lets start with the obvious stuff. There are the usual topics, necro, beastiality, anything having to do with the corruption of innocence (especially children), those sorts of things. I'm interested in things that might trigger the fear of death, but not in the death of my partner (a fun little paradoxical part of being an edge player). Also in line with death would be dismemberment, no thank you. I'm interested in the humiliation and dehumanization of my slave, but not in crossing or having her cross the species barrier. And as for kids, I say leave them alone. They'll have the chance to discover all of this stuff later. There is a reason why the legal limit is eighteen. Once they cross the legal line, they are fair game of course, but not before that.

Apart from those things, I can't think of too many things that I would consider hard limits. There are a number of things that I have no real taste for and can't, right now, imagine myself doing. Such as anything having to do with balloon fetishes, I despise balloons and cannot imagine them as actually having a sexual connotation for me.

Here is a paradoxical one for you, I like knife play including cutting and even have some interest in getting jenpet's tender bits pierced, but I have no interest in needle play. Or for that matter hook suspensions.

Another good example of something I find very unsavory would be ass-to-mouth or ass-to-cunt; despite my intense interest in claiming her tail pipe, I cannot see myself as willing to risk the bacterial cross contamination. Along with that I would have to add an intense dislike of scat play or the ingesting of fecal matter. I'm a bit of a germaphobe and that notion makes me a bit ill.

We've dabbled a bit into vampiric drinking of blood before, yet the notion of ingesting her flesh makes me a bit unsettled so I'll have to put that in the extremely unlikely category (trust me, I've heard of it being done).

Apart from all of that, I can't think of much else that I would not at least be willing to try once or twice...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

One Week To Go...

Tomorrow begins the last week of this semester and this coming weekend the beginning of our long break together. I have such grand plans for our time together. I've mentioned my plans for her anal training and the time she'll spend sequestered away in the cage. I'm hoping for many more photo set opportunities, including a notion I have on a tight hogtie/oral rape session. Should be hot!

Sadly, the long hours of homework have taken their toll, on us as well as the house. I'm looking forward to the chores being completed. I have to also mention how proud I am of her. It is no small task, being sent back to school with a working spouse and a young child at home. The pure lack of sleep has made a noticeable impact on her. And yet, despite it all I have had to deal with very little attitude or resistance. Sure her house duties have been shirked a bit, but mostly in the name of homework. Since I insisted upon her returning, the time she dedicates to her studies is also time that she is working hard for me. I can certainly accept that.

Not only that, but I am also proud of her because she has made such an impact on her fellow students and even a number of her instructors. They have become so enamored with her that they have nominated her for special scholarships, selected her for programs, and even hand picked her for a very impressive work study job this next semester that will go a long way to alleviating some of the financial woes of this past year. All and all, a pretty awesome statement.

The other day she was telling me that she feels her popularity among the faculty is largely due to changes she's undergone as my property. Pure flattery, I told her. Yet she persisted, expressing how during her previous attempt at college (a success by all rights, yet just a couple of credits short of graduation) she was far less favored by her instructors. She believed herself to be abrasively opinionated and that having been enslaved for eleven years has taught her to become more diplomatic. I couldn't argue. I'm just glad to see that the years of effort to reign in her wild tongue have not been in vain:P.

Though I am very much looking forward to the end of her degree program, I cannot help but feel pride at her accomplishments. Especially considering she does it all to please me...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

So It Finally Happened...

Last night, jenpet got a message from a fellow FetLife member who informed us that someone had posted one of our images on their profile without permission or credit. First, I'd like to extend my thanks to that member, I won't mention names here but you know who you are. Thank you for taking the time to let us know what you found.

I find it interesting, on one hand I'm flattered that one of my images of me and my slave was iconic enough for someone to want to take. On the other hand, with the proliferation of cameras these days, fuck sake they are in our phones, how hard is it to take one one's self? I would want to see it. I love seeing other people's images. Pictures from their play sessions, their lifestyles, even just the mirror shot of a nice booty. I also love to get comments and feed back on my images and videos. Lets face it, I'm a comment whore:D. I was ecstatic, literally, when I reached thirty comments on this picture. What really gets me is that my image that they re-posted received more comments than my original. Ha!

To have someone take one of my images and re-post it is somewhat flattering I think. I'm sure I would feel a lot different about it if I were trying to make money off of my photography, one of those pay sites with pictures and videos. I've thought about it, but really I like being able to share our lives in the way that we do now. I might one day open up a clip store for some of the videos I've made but that would probably be about it.

Still, this photo theft thing is the reason why FetLife recently went through a major security overhaul. Now all pictures are protected from saving, copying, or capturing. This extends retroactively to all pictures, not just the new ones posted. There is even an option to report an image violation right on the profile picture page itself. Handy, except...

The whole reason I first got involved with FetLife was that it was a great place to find free porn related pictures. Even better the images themselves range from amateur play time snapshots to professional quality images. Not to say that I haven't come to, or even didn't from the start, appreciate it for what it is, a great place to be part of the community, make friends, share ideas, etc. But come on, free porn! Hell, I vaguely remember Fetlife promoting itself as a free pic place, they just asked that you only post your own work.

I have always made it a point to never post an image that belongs to someone else, period. Or failing that, at the very least give full credit when I can. Here on the blog, I've posted internet captured pictures a couple of times, but I do not take any credit for it. On my Fetlife profile, I only post my own pictures. I'm not bragging nor making a moral judgment, I'm just saying that it is because of people like this that I can no longer save some of the beautiful images that have been popping up on FetLife for my own private "appreciations" later. I collect massive amounts of porn; videos, pictures, you name it. I've got gigabytes of things that I have come across and just had to have. But now, I'm cut off. It's like coming to the end of a previously unknown introductory period and now you have to pay full price for the free things that got you hooked. Damned addiction peddlers ;).

Having now been a victim of the thing that has gotten so many, especially the professionals, so up in arms, I can see the benefit to having this security measure. I believe that it is also optional, that you can change the settings of any new pictures posted, from secured to unsecured. However, I might just be thinking wishfully there.

Regardless, it finally happened to me, so now I know what it is like. Even if I'm not sure whether it upsets me overly or not...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day Nine of Thirty...

Day 9: Post a kink related song or music video you enjoy.

Here is a YouTube made video for Evanescence's Snow White Queen. I always envision this happening to one of's videos. A young, beautiful woman abducted from her home, taken to some dank dark hole and tortured, tormented, shaped and molded over weeks. Kept in a concrete cell with an old stained mattress and a rusted metal bucket. Finally, chained in a standing spread eagle with a thick metal collar, broken at the climax of the song as her Mistress whispers into her ear, "you belong to me, my snow white queen." The remaining song I imagine her working hard to please her Owner until finally curled up on the floor at her feet, glamored up and possessed. The last moment she looks up at the camera with one of those chilling knowing stares, much like Maggie Gyllenhaal at the end of The Secretary. Mmmmmmmmm chills. Any way, enjoy...