Thursday, December 16, 2010

Anal Training: Day 4...

Day four went so much better. Even from the beginning, this was a great day. It has been cold here today, and cold is a big problem for my little pet. Around midday I took my girl upstairs and locked her away in the cage, which was sitting by the upstairs windows and was bathed in midday sunlight. I figured that it would help the girl to do some sunning and it is always a good idea for her to be locked up.

At first I let her get in with her clothes on but no blanket. It has been a while since she has been in the cage, the first time in the new house as a matter of fact. It dawned on her that being in the cage with jeans on was not so good, so some whining and a lot of tumbling around later, I let her strip her clothes off and gave her a blanket instead. Here are some pictures of her in the cage. I left her in for about an hour and a half. I would have done it longer, but our curious child kept running over trying to remove the cover blanket as if searching for Christmas presents. Eventually, I had to let her out so we could get on with our day.

After some very tasty lunch, it was nap time for our darling boy. He has been infinitely more cooperative since the end of the semester :D. I had placed the new lube and the plug in warm water so their temps wouldn't shock her colon, a good idea that didn't take into consideration that the room temp in our house is about 55 degrees and all the heat I had tried to generate was stolen away before I even applied the lube to the plug. Despite that, I had the girl strip down and get onto the bed, allowing her to be covered during the insertion. I'll have some photos of the whole experience up on FetLife after I post this.

So, with her bundled up, her ass sticking out between the blankets, I began the process of lubing her up. Now again, I had picked up some thicker lubrication jelly and I began slowly, first coating the ring of her asshole thoroughly before slipping my finger in bit by bit. I was very liberal in the application of lube this time, wanting to ensure that she was completely coated. This finger fucking must have lasted about fifteen minutes before I lubed up the plug and started trying to warm it up in my hands. The girl didn't implode or go flying off the bed so I assume that it wasn't too shockingly cold. The plug went in smoothly, more so than the first time and she seemed less resistant than before.

There were still the comments, of course, how it was like a tornado of forks still and that there was a slight burning sensation. Thankfully that went away pretty quickly and she was left to suffer. I lay next to her again, as promised, and massaged her breasts and talked to her.

I asked her how it felt and she said it hurt. I asked her if she liked it and she said no, it hurt. Then I asked her if it hurt when I caned her, and she said yes. Does she like it when I cane her? Yes. I then posited that the pain wasn't necessarily dismissive, just because it hurt didn't mean that she wouldn't like something. I continued on in this way, combating all of the reasons she could conjure to explain why she didn't like it. If it wasn't actually the pain that made her dislike it, then was it the taboo nature? If so, the we can get around that too, as we live a lifestyle, i.e. O/p, that isn't even widely appreciated within our own kinky community. We can work around the notion of social norms. So if it wasn't the pain or the social norms, was it the dirtiness, the bacterial uncleanliness of it all? Well, I use gloves to insert the non-porous, silicone, hypoallergenic plug and transport it directly to be washed via a disposable paper towel. There is really nothing icky about the process.

Round and round we went, breaking through the mental barriers. I began explaining my plan for the next week, telling her how she would be wearing the plug for two hours at a time and be expected to move about, doing chores and the like. How this weekend I'd take her to the store with it tied in while we did some shopping. How a week from Saturday will be her first enema, followed by the use of the new, larger plug. As I explained all of this, her eyes grew wide and dilated, her hips ground down on the plug subtly under the covers. As always, her cunt was dripping wet.

I checked the plug about half way through, making sure that the lube was holding. We did need to add just a touch more, but the thicker stuff really did the trick (thanks Faete). I could tell it was time to start upping the ante, so I pulled out our tens unit and wired her ass up, placing the pads on each cheek. This was the first time since being in the new house that I had electrocuted her also, so a night of firsts. I failed, however, to take any pictures of her flopping around during this part, D'oh! It was such a delight, watching her fuck the plug as her ass cheeks tensed and shuddered. I forced her to cum a number of times, reminding her of her place, what she was, what I could do to her.

Finally the hour came to an end, and she was eager to take it out. Though, not as desperate as previously ;). I undid the belt and slowly pulled the plug free, wrapping it up to be taken downstairs to be cleaned. Right at that moment, however, it was time for a righteous fucking. I bound her hands behind her back with another belt, then laid her on her back with some pillows to help ease the pressure on her shoulders. Clips on her nips and a third belt around her waist, crushing down on her abdomen, and away we went. Say what she will about the plugging, she was wet, hot, and wild as I fucked her. An hour of howling, gasping, and begging punctuated by frequent shuddering, screaming climaxes. We were in heaven.

I rolled her onto her front, sans clips and arm tie, and finished her off doggy style with a spectacular shot of cum from the curve of her ass to her upper back. Good little slave even thanked me for plugging her, as well as everything else ;). I find she likes to be nondescript, saves having to admit too much :D.

So anyway, that was our third attempt so far on day four of our plugging adventure. I feel we are making real headway and I have high hopes for this coming week. We'll keep you all up to date as we plug along :D...

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