Sunday, December 5, 2010

One Week To Go...

Tomorrow begins the last week of this semester and this coming weekend the beginning of our long break together. I have such grand plans for our time together. I've mentioned my plans for her anal training and the time she'll spend sequestered away in the cage. I'm hoping for many more photo set opportunities, including a notion I have on a tight hogtie/oral rape session. Should be hot!

Sadly, the long hours of homework have taken their toll, on us as well as the house. I'm looking forward to the chores being completed. I have to also mention how proud I am of her. It is no small task, being sent back to school with a working spouse and a young child at home. The pure lack of sleep has made a noticeable impact on her. And yet, despite it all I have had to deal with very little attitude or resistance. Sure her house duties have been shirked a bit, but mostly in the name of homework. Since I insisted upon her returning, the time she dedicates to her studies is also time that she is working hard for me. I can certainly accept that.

Not only that, but I am also proud of her because she has made such an impact on her fellow students and even a number of her instructors. They have become so enamored with her that they have nominated her for special scholarships, selected her for programs, and even hand picked her for a very impressive work study job this next semester that will go a long way to alleviating some of the financial woes of this past year. All and all, a pretty awesome statement.

The other day she was telling me that she feels her popularity among the faculty is largely due to changes she's undergone as my property. Pure flattery, I told her. Yet she persisted, expressing how during her previous attempt at college (a success by all rights, yet just a couple of credits short of graduation) she was far less favored by her instructors. She believed herself to be abrasively opinionated and that having been enslaved for eleven years has taught her to become more diplomatic. I couldn't argue. I'm just glad to see that the years of effort to reign in her wild tongue have not been in vain:P.

Though I am very much looking forward to the end of her degree program, I cannot help but feel pride at her accomplishments. Especially considering she does it all to please me...

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