Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Couple Quick Things...

What a busy week this turned out to be!

Finishing up the semester for the both of us, visiting family, meeting new friends, and tonight we just got our Christmas tree up and shimmering.

This last semester really was a very hectic one, with our schedules being so tight. Now I know they say that which ever one you are currently dealing with is always the worst, but this semester really did take it out of the both of us. At times we barely had half an hour when she got home before I had to rush off to work. Wow, kinksters that pass in the night, or at least early evening. But that is all over now and tomorrow marks the real beginning of the nice long break for the girl and the beginning of anal training as well. Oh boy! :D

We were invited this passed weekend to attend the birthday party of a friend of my parents. The invitation itself caught us a little off guard, we only met the guy once during Thanksgiving dinner at my parent's house. Apparently our conversations made something of an impression. Having an interest in schmoozing a bit, I decided to take him up on it and down to Denver we went. This gave us the chance to do a number of things, too many in fact for one single day visit.

Most intriguingly, we had the chance to meet up with a couple we met on FetLife. Our first FetLife instigated meeting and the first one in a long, long time. There is always a level of excitement that comes with the prospect of meeting someone for the first time in person, and when they are fellow kinksters it makes it that much better. We met at the prearranged spot and, I felt, hit it off right away. We shared fantastic food and a great conversation, which no doubt brought a few blushes from our hosts and fellow customers. It was fun and they are great people, we were very pleased to have had the chance to meet them in person.

The rest of the day went less according to schedule. My mother wanted to do something with our child and jenpet was keen to go along with them. I had intended to meet up with a dear friend for a quick meal before he had to trundle off to work, but that fell through. And I found myself with a few spare hours in my hometown, which hasn't happened in a long time. What's a guy to do?

I went to a mall to traipse around one of my favorite malls. I knew I was in trouble the moment I saw the parking lot packed to the gills with cars and long lines of vehicles trying to fight their way in and out. But by this time I was motivated by a deep seeded desire. The need to pee. I fortunately found a parking spot very close to one of the side entrances and bee lined it for the bathroom. Once finished, I found myself in the midst of hundreds, literally hundreds, of people milling about. Screaming children and huffing parents standing in ridiculously long lines for the chance to sit upon the local Santa impostor's questionably fragrant lap and get a single, over priced snapshot. Gotta love tradition, no?

I did some window shopping and a lot of weaving in and out of the crowds. Its like fighting a particularly bi-polar river. Some people meandered like they had all year to get where they needed to be while others filed around them in such a rush you'd almost expect to see mall security slowly trundling after them.

I had a bite to eat at the food court, something horrendously unhealthy for me, no doubt. The noise was incredible. A roar of activity and conversations that had become so distorted into a general din that I could not hear a single note of the live orchestra they had on the opposite side of the court.

Once I was done with that, I promptly left in search of a place drastically quieter and more calm. I decided to revisit one of my old haunts, Green Mountain. I used to live right on the foot of it in a very over priced apartment complex, our first together. I loved that mountain and would spend quite a bit of time on its trails. Having an hour or so to my self still, I decided to hike on up. It was beautiful, the sun had set and the moon was a high sliver in the clear sky. And all around me lay the vast ocean of lights that spread over the horizon to the North, East, and South.

At the top, there is this single rock, about the size of a portable cooler that someone at some point had to have brought up and placed there because it is the only one of its size and type anywhere nearby. Its surface has been worn down a bit from all the visitors sitting upon it and I know my ass has been a part of that counting. I said hello to my long lost friend and settled in for a long moment. Being so high and removed from the hustle and bustle of life down below is a wonderful experience. The only sound was the wind whistling in my ears.

The night sky was cold and midnight blue, tinted by the sliver moon and the small handful of stars visible. Looking out over that remarkable expanse where the lights flicker and dance I had a fun thought. We as humans have not been able to reach the stars, so we built a blanket of lights to mirror them, but in the process we lost sight of the heavens.

Eventually the realization that I was going to be late to the party and that the others were waiting hit me and I told them to head off without me, that I'd make a fashionably late appearance. Then I had to get down, in the dark. I took the same path that I had dozens of times before, an old deer trail, and each of the dozens of times regretted taking because it took me down the wrong side and dropped me off in a residential neighborhood far from my car. I love my memory. I walked around to my car, rushed across town, and finally made it to the party.

Before long we were on our way home, a long drive made somewhat shorter by the fun experiences of the day. That and a final stop for some fast food we never get out where we live. As we left the city far behind, the stars began to shine. That is one fantastic thing about being where we are, I can even see the the faint scattering of the milky way from my back yard. Oh and a quick note to our stargazer readers, tomorrow night Dec. 13, there will be a meteor shower so keep an eye out toward the heavens around midnight when the moon is scheduled to set.

And that, dear readers, was our hectic day in town. What a way to end a hectic semester. We both are looking forward to getting some sleep... Oh that's right. The child, who wants to stay up all night playing video games and watching movies. Very precocious for a three year old I'd have to say. So as I sit, looking at another late night, I can at least look back on a fun weekend with a contented smile...

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