Thursday, December 16, 2010

still here...more so, in fact

Hey, is it just me or is it cold? Oh, right, it's December. Normally there'd be snow on the ground by now, but with one little weenie dusting of snow thus far, it's easy to forget. It is cold here, though, and i will admit, i am a Colorado native who hates the cold...

Regardless, the Winter Break has begun, and i have been more subject to Master's whims than i have in quite a while. This includes, but is (definitely) not limited to, this whole business of trying anal. (Would that be considered the a.v. card?) i am admittedly, a bit grouchy about the whole business. i've never been at all interested in anal -- after all, my cunt is pretty damn close to perfect (had more than one gyno say so, anyway, and i'm rather fond of it myself), and it functions excellently during sex. But, anal is something that Master has deemed important. And so, i am doing my best to follow along with this plan of His, and trying very hard not to be snarky or angry about it, though at moments i certainly fail. Thus far, i haven't found it particularly enjoyable, remotely pleasurable, or entertaining, but Master has asked me to give it an "honest try" and so i do.

Otherwise, it has been rather nice to be able to spend so much time with Master, snuggling with Him, talking with Him, being used by Him, and in general, being near Him. It's a bit of an adjustment, as Master and the boy had their own little routine and now we're tumbling everything about trying to make sense of it as a family for the month i'll be free of school work. Not free from anything else though! (lol)

i'm sure, that as the time progresses, i'll be back to make more posts, eventually come up with something to say, and in general, be a bit more active on the blog and at FetLife (provided Master permits either), but for now, that's the short and long of it.

If i don't manage one more post before you all get your holiday plans underway... Happy holidays, and by that i mean specifically the holiday you celebrate this season. ;) :P

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