Sunday, March 27, 2011

Round Two

Or, Saturday Night

While this year is full of awesomeness, the schedule that Master and i have been living on, built by the things in our lives, has been extremely difficult. Master has borne the brunt of caring for the little person in our household, and because of school, i rarely get to spend time with either of my boys, and have the least amount of time to spend alone with Master (Whine and Whinge!). It's been very frustrating, for Master and for me.

i sometimes feel invisible (something that's been going around kinky blogs), though Master frequently acknowledges how difficult this year has been for both of us. i know He sees me, sees me struggle, and flounder and loose myself in all the things that need to be done. And worst of all, He cannot fix it, for there is rarely time for us to whisper our goodbyes and lust before we must go about life, and much less time to drop me into the pain, suffering and pleasure that is required to keep both of us level headed.

But this is my spring break. And my time again belongs wholly to Master. And it has been good. Friday night i consumed copious amounts of coffee to stay up for Him, and we had a rocking time (as you can read in His post). Last night required less coffee to find myself at His mercy, and it was an absolute delight. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Slap Happy...

This schedule/parenting thing has gotten ridiculous! When its been weeks in between play times and just general sex, that is just too much. Thank the gods this week begins the slave's spring break.

Last night we started it off right, though I had to work till the wee hours of the morning, my girl ingested four or five cups of coffee in order to stay up long enough for us to have the chance. So, when I finally got home, exhausted, back sore, and ravenously horny, we sped through our nightly routine and rushed upstairs for some fun.

My intentions were simple, just fuck the hell out of the bitch! No ropes, no complicated tortures, just plain sex and fall asleep tangled together in each others juices. Yet the stress that kills me isn't just from the lack of sex, it is from the ever present sadistic desires that well up in me. Two weeks without sex is horrible, but two weeks without hearing my bitch scream from the pain I am forcing upon her, that is hell.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


As many of you may have read or seen from our pictures on Fetlife, we recently got a Liberator Wedge/Ramp combination set. I have mentioned it in my previous blog entry, but I wanted to talk about our first experience with this awesome set.

Early in the afternoon on Friday the set was delivered. I was so eager for the arrival that I met the delivery man on the porch. It only took me a moment to cut open the box and remove the contents. However, I then had to wait until the girl got home before I could use them ;).

That evening, the heavens parted and a miracle occurred. Our darling child fell asleep moments before the girl walked in the door. As soon as she entered, it was a mad dash to get up stairs and naked. I brought my camera long, as well as a new bamboo cane, also mentioned previously. We placed the Liberator set on the bed and I had the girl get a feel for laying across it. I took advantage of her up turned ass as she lay there and began flicking the cane upon her cheeks. Sadly the girl's back was out of sorts and we were unable to use the cane to full effect, but the girl loved what we managed to do and I even got some lovely shots.

Playtime review . . . 2 weeks late!

Wow. Another weekend play-date with Master Pravus and Red Vinyl Kitty left me . . . speechless. Which is (admittedly, only partly) the reason that i am the last to recount the event . . . two weeks later . . . 

Master and i were really excited that our first play-date (or second meeting) with Master Pravus and the Red Vinyl Kitty went so well, it was really hard to wait for the second play-date. But we all survived, and we planned it out carefully. Master and Master Pravus were constantly plotting via IM, and while Kitty was filled in on most of the plans, i wasn't, despite the fact i also spent time chatting with Master Pravus and the Kitty. i don't really like surprises, but Master thinks they're good for me, so He keeps doing it. 


Most of the time we get it right. Hell most of the time we get it damn close to perfect. But sometimes we falter, sometimes we stumble and when those times occur, we don't get it even close. When we fumble, it all falls apart.

Tonight had so much going right for it. A short night at work, the child wearing down quickly, and a Master and his slave eager for the same thing, a chance to play. We received a new Liberator Wedge/Ramp set yesterday and it was begging to be used thoroughly. We also have a new bamboo cane that needs to be broken in on the girl's ass properly and both are up for review on the Eden Fantasies site.

We worked on the kid for nearly an hour to get him settled in, fighting sleep tooth and nail all the way. It is in no way adequate foreplay, having a child screaming in one's ear for half an hour. We earned our playtime. And when the little tyke finally closed his eyes, we were on our way. I grabbed the camera and the tripod, I pulled out the Liberator Ramp and the new cane and set up the play space, i.e. the bed. The girl came up shortly after, stripping and jumping into the bed as she sometimes does, without permission. I let that slide, besides I knew that the cane was hungry for her perfect ass and it would be accounted for.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Q&A:

Oh, hey, oops!

It's March. That means it's Q & A time.
Ask us questions as comments attached to this post (or any other post we make in March), and we'll answer.

You can now post comments anonymously now, so take advantage of that! ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Whip it... Whip it Good...

I just want to say, thank you Devo for the succinct instruction manual for life ;). It works in so well in so many situations.

All kidding aside, I recently purchased a Victor Tella Dragon Tail whip from JTstockroom. We have never owned a single tail whip before, in fact to be completely correct and honest, I have never whipped the girl before. We have done just about everything else; flogged, slapped, spanked, paddled, caned, strapped, cuffed, and even punched and kicked (lovingly of course). But not whipped. Until now.

When I took it out of the packaging I fell instantly in love. The weight of the handle and the feel of the braid told me that this was a serious implement. The tip is long, soft, and light and my devilish mind started laughing as soon as I had it in hand. Sadly I had to wait a whole day to be able to use it. We bartered some kid watching time from our siblings and set our plans in motion.