Saturday, March 26, 2011

Slap Happy...

This schedule/parenting thing has gotten ridiculous! When its been weeks in between play times and just general sex, that is just too much. Thank the gods this week begins the slave's spring break.

Last night we started it off right, though I had to work till the wee hours of the morning, my girl ingested four or five cups of coffee in order to stay up long enough for us to have the chance. So, when I finally got home, exhausted, back sore, and ravenously horny, we sped through our nightly routine and rushed upstairs for some fun.

My intentions were simple, just fuck the hell out of the bitch! No ropes, no complicated tortures, just plain sex and fall asleep tangled together in each others juices. Yet the stress that kills me isn't just from the lack of sex, it is from the ever present sadistic desires that well up in me. Two weeks without sex is horrible, but two weeks without hearing my bitch scream from the pain I am forcing upon her, that is hell.

So we fucked, not the gentle love making sex that I figured our tired bodies would likely default to, but the full on, mattress moving fucking that we both craved. The bitch gasped and begged and came again and again before I finally shot hard into her. I collapsed onto her, sucking air and dripping in sweat, placing kisses all along her neck, feeling her heart pound. I love the feeling of being inside her, the very idea of piercing her with my cock and so I didn't pull out. We just laid there breathing and being.

Before too long, the need still gripped me, so I started fucking her again. I slapped her tits and she groaned, begging to be bound and to be beaten, to be hurt. How can I resist! I grabbed the cuffs and in no time had her bound to the bed, her arms stretched to the sides. I mounted her again and began beating her, cupping her mouth and nose with my hand while she gasped and pleaded for air with her eyes. I pounded her stomach while I fucked her, and slapped her ribs and tits and face. I called her "worthless meat" and threatened to spit in her face (something that we have done before and enjoyed but only on special occasions). The slave ate it up, screaming, groaning, and grinding down on my cock hard. I love when her body takes over and fucks like the animal she is.

I took her again and again, slapping and choking and suffocating till we both were spent. I teased her before I let her free, slapping her ass and ribs some more, threatening to do horrible things before she could sleep. The girl begged to be allowed to cuddle up next to me and sleep. Finally I allowed her, but not before she sucked my cock clean. The slave did so, suddenly being overtaken by what I believe to be a cathartic release of tears. The girl cleaned me off and lay next to me in the bed, sobbing and grateful.

We lay there in bed, absently watching a movie. Though it seems I wasn't done yet. I would poke her tender spots, delighting in the twitches, I sucked and bit the flesh at the base of her neck relishing her moans. Eventually I reached around and began tormenting her nipples, teasing them at first with gentle touches before squeezing the blood out of them, teasing them with soft touches as the blood returned, only to do it again and again. Each time I squeezed them I asked if she was ready to be fucked again. The girl moaned again and again, growing louder and more desperate with each session of nipple torture.

Finally she begged to be fucked and I was all too happy to oblige. I ordered her up onto her knees and started taking her from behind, but with all the tenderizing I had done to her stomach, she needed a bit more support. I retrieved the Liberator Wedge from its hiding spot and we were back in business. How I love fucking my dog, listening to her howl into the bedding, begging and pleading to cum.

I think I forced another two from her before I finally came the second time of the night. With that, we curled back up and passed out. I believe it was something like five-thirty in the morning when we finally fell asleep.

This morning the girl was up bright and early, a hold over from her school schedule, and still bouncy from all the coffee and sex of the night before. However, for her to be of any use tonight we both knew she would need more coffee and a nap. So as I write this, my slave is locked away, naked in her cage for a nice little nap. Ah, its good to have her home...

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Red Vinyl Kitty said...

Very hot to read, and very wonderful that you two finally got such a chance. :) I am glad that jenpet is on spring break so you two can enjoy some well needed alone time! :)