Sunday, March 6, 2011


As many of you may have read or seen from our pictures on Fetlife, we recently got a Liberator Wedge/Ramp combination set. I have mentioned it in my previous blog entry, but I wanted to talk about our first experience with this awesome set.

Early in the afternoon on Friday the set was delivered. I was so eager for the arrival that I met the delivery man on the porch. It only took me a moment to cut open the box and remove the contents. However, I then had to wait until the girl got home before I could use them ;).

That evening, the heavens parted and a miracle occurred. Our darling child fell asleep moments before the girl walked in the door. As soon as she entered, it was a mad dash to get up stairs and naked. I brought my camera long, as well as a new bamboo cane, also mentioned previously. We placed the Liberator set on the bed and I had the girl get a feel for laying across it. I took advantage of her up turned ass as she lay there and began flicking the cane upon her cheeks. Sadly the girl's back was out of sorts and we were unable to use the cane to full effect, but the girl loved what we managed to do and I even got some lovely shots.

After that, we set to work testing out the Liberator set. We started with the doggy style position of all things. A position that causes the girl to become fatigued quickly and hits all the wrong spots deep inside her. However this time, this time it was magic. The girl was enjoying herself so much that she even requested to be bound with constricting leather belts, a request I was happy to allow. Thus bound, I continued to ram into the girl until she climaxed several times.

I then flipped her over. No reason to release the belts though, of course. The missionary position worked extremely well with the Liberator set, providing the perfect entry into the girl. We continued to enjoy ourselves thoroughly in this way for several more orgasms before trading it up a bit and placing her on the edge of the Ramp in a position more reminiscent of a sex swing. Everything we tried that night worked amazingly well. There was nothing that didn't please.

I came hard and long in the girl, but wasn't ready for our fun to stop. I love watching the girl suffer through orgasm after orgasm, well passed the point where they are purely pleasurable. However I really wanted to enjoy myself so I asked the girl if she was ready to be choked out for me. The throbbing in her cunt told me yes and I was pleased to find that she agreed with her body. I wrapped my hands around her throat and squeezed while I pounded her cunt, driven by the reddening of her face, the way her lips part and turn purple. I love to see her gasping, the way her body clenched down upon me, the way her legs shudder and her hands tug at my arms. Eventually her face went slack, her arms dropped to her side, and I knew that she was out.

I pounded away, but all of our fun had caused a serious cramp to develop in my leg, which robbed me of my second orgasm following the girl's passing out. The slave came too as I tried to rub it out. The look of sheer bliss upon her face was priceless. At this point we were pretty much spent, so I traded places with my girl and had her clean me off with her mouth. This enticed me and I ordered her to continue sucking and using her hands to bring me off.

All in all, it was an incredible night and one that we hope to repeat time and time again with our new Liberator Wedge/Ramp set. Oh and we have to use that new cane to its fullest ;)...

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Red Vinyl Kitty said...

Ooh yay! I'm really happy that you both managed to find a way to make all sorts of positions more comfortable on you both. :)