Sunday, March 27, 2011

Round Two

Or, Saturday Night

While this year is full of awesomeness, the schedule that Master and i have been living on, built by the things in our lives, has been extremely difficult. Master has borne the brunt of caring for the little person in our household, and because of school, i rarely get to spend time with either of my boys, and have the least amount of time to spend alone with Master (Whine and Whinge!). It's been very frustrating, for Master and for me.

i sometimes feel invisible (something that's been going around kinky blogs), though Master frequently acknowledges how difficult this year has been for both of us. i know He sees me, sees me struggle, and flounder and loose myself in all the things that need to be done. And worst of all, He cannot fix it, for there is rarely time for us to whisper our goodbyes and lust before we must go about life, and much less time to drop me into the pain, suffering and pleasure that is required to keep both of us level headed.

But this is my spring break. And my time again belongs wholly to Master. And it has been good. Friday night i consumed copious amounts of coffee to stay up for Him, and we had a rocking time (as you can read in His post). Last night required less coffee to find myself at His mercy, and it was an absolute delight. 
Once our time was completely ours, Master and i ventured to His bed, where He laid out the Liberator Wedge, and lots, and lots of leather. my wrists and ankles were strapped into cuffs, and i was tied down to the bed. Master began systematically poking and prodding, and discovered that i remained swollen and tender from the previous night's activities. As He proceeded to touch me, tempt me, and otherwise, bring me down into the unthinking mind of an animal, He looped belts around me. 

Compression is one of my most favorite things, i think. i love corsetry as well, but as of yet, only possess one corset capable of providing the compression i so crave. As Master cinched down one belt around my waist, and one about my ribs, just below my breasts, i sunk into the mindlessness. Short, quick breaths fed the lust Master stokes in me, and little attempts at gasps as He circled more belts around my torso. i cannot remember if it was five or six total belts, looping me, crushing me gently. Little gasps, little moans and twitches as i simultaneously succumbed and fought the constriction.

He cinched them down tighter, and i could feel my muscles working desperately against the belts, trying to draw a full, a half, a quarter breath, whatever amount of air i could pull into my compressed lungs. i saw spots, i felt light headed, and His face flew in and out of my perception. i don't even remember if i only came once while bound like that or if it was more, i only remember my body pushing against that which bound it, the leather biting into me, wanting a deep breath, a full breath, and something more carnal all at once.

Master released me from the belts, and allowed me to sit up and breathe deeply for a bit before we moved on to finish up the evening. We talked, we touched, and i gasped, still trying to pull oxygen down deep, deep into my lungs, still feeling hot. Master moved to take me, and lo and behold, discovered that my cunt was so swollen and abraded that fucking face-to-face was going to be impossible - i subconsciously pulled myself away from His thrusts into me, making it an experiment in teasing. We shifted, working ourselves into different positions, until we wound up as we had finished the night before, with Master plowing into me, while i chewed and clawed the sheets i pressed my face into. i could still feel the tenderness, could still feel the ache, but it drove the pleasure on, and, other than vaguely hearing Master to tell me to beg like a dog, as He fucked me like one . . . only remember a surging brightness, muscles twitching and unconscious of anything but that tumbling sensation of orgasm. 

The bed was soaked, but Master let me sleep in His arms anyway. ♥ 

Today, i have little round bruises around my torso from where the belts bit into me. ♥ ♥ 

This week is going to be good. ♥ ♥ ♥


_sub_girl said...

hot, Hot, HOT!

You lucky girl. I'm so happy the two of you have this time together.


Masterofslavej said...

Thank you, sub girl, we really appreciate that...