Tuesday, June 21, 2011

1, 2, 3 & 4 Monday

Monday morning. Nothing special about it, really. Except that Sunday night i finished "Crusader" by Andrew Chapman, which, for a science fiction/fantasy novel, contains some eloquent, steamy, and lightly themed BDSM sex scenes. When i woke up (as usual, before Master) i was craving something a little stronger, so i fetched for myself "The Story of O" and read a good third of the book before i had to have the real thing. So, ever so gently, i worked on bringing Master out of His sound sleep, and as He lay there, i asked if Monday mornings were good for sisal rope or lots of belts. His sleepy eyebrows arched with delighted supposition before He told me to get the sisal. 

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nothing in Place

 Oh, the kinky fun we've had! Lately, things have been shaping up reasonably nicely for Master and i to snatch some quality time together. It's meant a lot, to both of us. i feel more grounded, more satisfied in my place, and overall, i think Master has generally felt better about things, too (other than the depths with which He hates what He has called "enduringly pathetic employment").

Yesterday was an example of the heaven that summer break has provided Master and i. After a morning of puttering about outside, including Master working on the basic auto care for His car, we returned inside to enjoy slushed gatorade and watch a movie. As we watched a movie that we wanted to see, our lovely, rambunctious munchkin did something unexpected. He cozied in for an early afternoon nap. Master and i fled upstairs, hurriedly and huskily discussing what we wanted to do. Just sex? Something more complicated? A full blown scene?