Wednesday, February 12, 2014


It's been hard for Master and i to find time together. If our oldest munchkin is soundly sleeping or elsewhere, our little munchkin is not. That's further compounded by the weird schedules around here (seems like none of us are on the same schedule!!), the fact that i had a tooth extraction (i am a big crybaby), and that i keep coming down with a bug that causes stupid coughing fits. But we've been trying. So. Hard. To find that time we need.

Last night, we had a small miracle. Both munchkins were asleep, i'd already taken some stop-the-coughing-sneezing-so-you-can-sleep medicine, so i wasn't hacking up a lung...and Master decided sex would be more fun than getting some sleep. So he shoved me out of His bed, put a pillow under his knees to avoid rugburn, and the awesome sex began. 

It was awesome. It felt really, really great, for him to be smashing me into the rough carpet, grinding me against it, and...i could "see" that edge, before the precipice of the big O...and it just never got closer. Master kept grinding me into the carpet, and i knew that normally, i'd already be crashing up into that edge and begging his permission for the orgasm...something was weird. Master asked if i needed to beg, and i told him that i wasn't going to get there...So he questioned me while he pounded me into the floor beneath him; what was different? 

The only thing we could come up with was the cold medicine. i have never, ever (never, ever!!!) had sex while i was doped up on cold medicine. (This is mostly because i don't like taking medicines in general - i usually turn to homeopathic remedies first.) He laughed at me. i could see that big, beautiful O, just out of my reach, and he laughed. 

He finished, we cleaned up, and he let me back into his bed. i lay there, wrapped in his arms...and it's not that i am unused to being unfulfilled, because he does it fairly often (as often as he allows fulfillment, i suppose)...but there i was, unfulfilled, and making silly noises. He laughed some more, and played with the girly bits, telling me i had 30 seconds to get there...and i could tell it wasn't going to happen...

i really don't like cold medicine. i am hoping we have a small miracle again tonight, and i am not going to be taking any of that stuff.