Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Had to Post This...

I don't usually post other people's photos, but I saw this on and had to put it here, even if only temporarily...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Humiliate the Dog...

So, last night I really wanted to do some humiliation play with my sweet slave girl. There is nothing quite like having a sexy bitch on her knees, panting and barking bouncing those sweet tits. Hmmmmmmm... Any way, so I took her into the bedroom after having her put her hair up in pig tails, made her strip for me and got to work transforming her into that whimpering mutt I love so much.

First, I started with her hands. Black socks slipped over her arms and black electrical tape around her fingers. Properly pawed (I some how doubt that is the correct usage of that particular verb but hey) it was time to focus on her tits. A tight rope wound round and round until the flesh is stretched, turning colors and tied tight. I then used leather belts to bind her legs, keeping her on her knees. Next came the arms, bound with pretty rope wrist to shoulder and bound together behind her back. Oh, and as an added bonus I taped an egg vibrator to her clit, a little something to keep her busy. As the icing on the cake, the spiked collar went around her puppy throat.

Thus properly puppified, the torment commenced. I pulled out some dog toys, put hair clips on her nipples, and cranked up the vibe. My sweet doggy spent the next hour in this begging position, panting, barking, begging, whining and chewing on her toys. As a treat for my slave when I finally untited her, I gave her a bone if you know what I mean. I got plenty of pics that I posted on my Fetlife profile. It was a truely hot scene that ended in some fantastic sex. My bitch was literally dripping wet when I sank my cock into her hungry cunt. The next part of this humiliating scene, making her look at the pictures I took and posted on Fetlife. Nummy...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunburns, the Sadists Sneaky Friend...

So, I have a question for all of you. Have you ever say swatted your slave on the bum as a warning, only to remember once the crescendo of screaming and whining subsides that perhaps your darling piece of property may have had a little too much sun during your weekend activities? Yeah... That's where I'm at. We had the chance for a family outing, taking our sweet little child out to Water World for the first time. After a full day of rides, slides, and more than a little time in the kiddie pools, we found ourselves a little over cooked.

I have rarely had good luck with sunscreens and this weekend seems to be no exception. Now, I may have a pretty good burn, but my darling slave girl is really burned, especially on her shoulders which look like a well done steak. So, needless to say, bondage has been a real trip, not to mention little attitude adjustments throughout the day. Earlier, while trying to get her back on track, I placed my heel over her foot and stepped down a bit, completely forgetting that my girl had worn flip flops and now has burned toes. Ouch! She hopped, screamed, cried tears, fell on her ass, and no doubt was silently cursing me up one side and down the other.

There I am, with a rather lopsided smirk on my face and torn by the need to laugh and conversely apologize for forgetting that she is really tender. This tenderness has become something of a challenge for me as I try to avoid one burnt area and manage to aggressively agitate another. Its like I have porcupine quills or something! Now, the notion of being able to drop her to her knees in agonizing pain does hold something of a huge temptation for my sadistic side, but on the flip side this reaction does sort of grate when you are not intending to send her into a near spastic quivering seizure.

A whipping is right out of the question. One snap landing of those stingy little tails and I am convinced she would rip her own arms out to escape. Interestingly though, this horrific pain that instantly turns her into a sniveling pile of pain has a wonderful effect while being fucked. My little slave girl begged so prettily to be hurt while I was pounding her cunt earlier in the day. So, nipples gripped firmly between my fingers, I ground her back and shoulders into the bed cover sending her into a wild orgasm. Apparently sunburns are masochists sneaky friend as well...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sex and Bathroom Floors

Ah, home sweet home. The comfort of our preferred temperature, provided by the AC and random spray bottles for my water loving Master...

Of course, road trips lead to unique opportunities. Lets say, for example, having sex on the floor of someone else's bathroom.

Master's libido has spiked - actually, i think it does almost every spring and summer. (Is that a male thing or what?) Anyway, that makes going anywhere or doing anything kind of tough for Him. He is definitely more comfortable in His own domain, and frankly, so am i. Sure, i do my best to adhere to the rules as much as we can elsewhere, but being home is being held by Him, becoming just another possession.

Being elsewhere, i know i am His, but it doesn't feel as confining. And sometimes i flounder more than others.

This time, i did pretty well, being outside of His domain. And i have lovely (though fading) bruises on my knees to prove it.

Even though neither of us were terribly comfortable, i knew that Master would be in a foul mood if His pressure gauge continued to rise, so to speak. It was late, and neither of us were sure that we would have time if we waited any longer, nor were we sure of our privacy. Which led me to suggesting He use His cunt on the bathroom floor.

i'm not bragging, but that's kind of a big deal that i suggested it. i am reluctant (at best) to be on my knees on any hard surface because of how badly i have smashed my knee up due to my own clumsiness. A gracefull creature, i am not.

Master did use His cunt, without much consideration, rocking my knees on the linoleum covering concrete, leaving Him free to attempt to relax and get some rest without feeling as if He were going to explode from the pressure of an unattended libido.

Though that didn't last long.

Thank goodness we are home!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Going deep...

We're definitely not rooted in apathy for June. Ah, no, we have been consumed by our temptations.

The other night, Master attempted to leave me marks. i think i've blogged here about how i adore marks and enjoy them, but i don't mark easily. We got the chance to use a new heavy leather hobble which was given to us by a good friend, and that in and of itself was heaven for me. i adore leather bondage gear, and this particular hobble, is quite heavy, thick and wonderfully confining.

At any rate, i was able to drift a bit in the enjoyment of that before Master attempted to leave me marks ─ in part to satisfy His cravings, and in part because i was being feisty with Him earlier in the day.

And so, with His hands, one of my favorite paddles (it's furry on one side! squee!!), the evil white plastic spoon and a small dowel rod, Master whooped my butt. It was horrible and nice all at once. He spaced the strikes widely apart, and i swear i've never been so inclined to move my body up to meet His strikes. But that night i was...

Following that, Master decided that a bit of breast bondage would be tasty. And it was ─ while my ass felt as if it was roasting from the inside, Master crafted one of His beautiful chest harnesses around me, and that delightfuly plumping pinch of the rope (we generally use white nylon rope, by the way) definitely took me to the peak of sensation.

It was fantastically awesome to be fucked from behind while He held my chest up using the harness, still confined, contained by the hobble.

All in all, it was probably one of the loveliest, longest scenes we've had the chance to delve into lately.

The irony though?

There were only teenie tiny little marks left on my alabaster ass, while my breasts have minor bruising in the shape of the breast bondage and chest harness.

Marks are marks, but Master is insisting that He just needs to pummel my ass harder when He beats me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Considerations of a Second slave...

It surprises me some times the tenacious ferocity with which I will pursue MORE. I am constantly desiring more and more. More skill with musical instruments, more ability with computers, more skill with drawing, more porn to download. More and more and more. More time to do all of this in and more money to be able to support it would be great. But it seems that no one can have both, one or the other seems it. Either you spend all your time working for money with no time to enjoy it, or you have all the time in the world and no money to make anything happen with. This latter category is the one I find my self in at this moment (thank you very fucking much financial geniuses, whom I might add kept their jobs. Assholes).

It should therefore come to no surprise that this unyielding desire for more and more would apply to the owning of a second slave. Sadly, with our infant son (whom I adore) we have had so little time to live our lives the way that I wish, so little time for play or even the little things that really make this life of ours survive. Also, thanks to a nasty little stomach bug that's been hanging out at my house uninvited, we've had even less time and opportunity. Some days I feel as if I am a moment away from pulling my hair out from frustrations and stresses that will not seem to ebb, and yet here I am desiring so badly a second slave to lock my collar onto. WHY? I mean I fully understand why I would want one, why anyone would. But why do I crave this so adamantly now? I barely have time for the sweet slave love of my life as it is.

I do not wish a second slave because I am unhappy with my slave wife. I do not wish to replace her in any way. I do not desire a separate life, away from my current slave girl, on the contrary I wish them both to be good friends, or like sisters. I would like to have my second girl integrated as completely as possible into our lives. But what kind of life would that make for my son. How would we pull it off around family who visit quite regularly.

I've had two different experiences with taking a second sub. The first was a total disaster born out of youthful exuberance and ignorance (and more than just a little my passion for redheads). The second experience was better, and only really failed due to that lack of time issue and a few unrelated things. I've played with some pretty fun people and teased a great deal more. Even if I could find a good candidate out here were we live, would I do it right? Taking my time to get to know her, her situation, her like and dislikes, the potential pitfalls? Or would I just as eagerly slap a collar on the first little piece of hotness that was willing to call me Sir, like a starving man grabs the first semi edible thing that he sees, despite whether it is poisonous or not? I imagine the former of course, but I crave it so I am not 100% sure.

It is not always a bad thing, wanting more. Wanting more time with your family, more chances to say the things that matter, more appreciation for the work that you do or the effort that you give day in and day out. Sometimes, though, more can be just that. More. Nothing more or less than more (that's a fun little saying). Like the man said, "be careful of what you wish for, you just might get it".

There are so many considerations as well. What is her family life like? Does she come from an abusive background and is just looking for what is familiar or is she close to her parents and I can expect a knock at my door at any moment. What about her friends, her interests, her schedule, what kind of experience does she have if any. Would I want a complete novice or someone who is well versed? What age, 19 and naive or 30 and skilled? What compatibility would there be between us? What kind of involvement would I wish her to have; daily interactions, live-in? What relationship would I want her to have with my son?

My slave and I have discussed this and she has brought up the point that so few of those types of relationships last because it is very difficult to have more than one primary in a relationship, and who would want to be a secondary, considered a secondary, treated like a secondary in a relationship? I have read from some people for whom this works, and works well, but for so many it doesn't.

There is so much to think about and so many things that have to be just right for it to work and yet despite all of these things, I so badly desire having two slaves at my feet, locked in my collars, marked as mine. Such a puzzlement...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Random amusement

i don't really have much to say, but i was surfing the web and checking out my only non-kinky religiously followed webcomic, xkcd, which i have posted here before, and my inner nerd and geeky gamer was delighted by this posting...

So i have to share.

(i'm sure you all know... Click to enlarge.)

Leather for a slave...

The other day, the only chance we've had to play in weeks, I told my slave that she needed to be chained down and fucked. she looked at me in the way she does when she is pouting and begged instead for leather. Now, I know she meant being bound with the leather cuffs, preferably spread eagle and tormented a little before I fucked her. However, I my usual Sadistic way I took her request to mean the leather belts.

I started by putting her in my tall leather posture collar. I then strapped her, one above and one below her breasts, tightening it down on her rib cage and stealing her breath. I then belted her arms to her side and finished by belting her hands to her upper thighs (I'll post the pictures on
Fetlife) and a blindfold over her eyes. In this position, I pulled out a bullet vibe and began tormenting my slave's dripping cunt, coaxing her to that precarious edge of cumming. While titillating her with the vibe, I also slapped her pinched tits, relishing the lovely shade of pinkish red they were turning. I also may have nibbled her nipples a bit in between slaps.

Sadly, the belts that I have for her are simple every day wear belts and haven't yet rigged them with bondage attachments. So my cunt's hands slipped out while cumming, a nice body racking orgasm at that. this lead to an idea that I am going to have to use form now on. Having the straps across her chest I pulled her hands up just under her plum breasts and belted them together a the wrists, slipping it behind so they were attached to the chest straps. I then readjusted the straps on her upper arms and Viola! A leather strap straight jacket. My bitch could not get out to save her tits, trust me I tested.

Bound in this way and blindfolded as she was, I made good use of her dripping cunt. Finally, as a show of kindness I pulled the blindfold off so she could see me fuck her, a favorite of her's...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Give in...

Oscar Wilde is noted for having said: "The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself."

i guess i live by this, in many ways. i'm the kind of girl who will give into a food craving rather than spend my time trying not to think about it. Ever since Master and i began our relationship 11 years ago, i knew that i couldn't live with the status quo relationship ─ i wanted something more kinky than the average intimate relationship. i just didn't have any idea that there was a vast number of people out there describing themselves as fetishists, kinksters, or any number of terms you can link to BDSM.

i cannot express how relieved i was that my Master knew and understood these cravings, these temptations that i have had since i was...young.

My soul is satisfied with the things i haven't forbidden to myself, and i feel more complete the more i continue down this path of temptation...

On the flip side, living in an M/s relationship with pretty strict rules opens up lots of new doors for temptations. Like, i'm not allowed to masturbate without permission. So i have all these little fantasies that pop up and i can't do anything about it until i've asked ─ i mean, begged.

Or i could, and suffer the consequences. See? My soul is growing sick with longing for a nice orgasm right about now. And when i began this post, there wasn't even a way to ask. How unfair is that?

lolspeak is appropriate: imma go powt nao.