Sunday, June 14, 2009

Going deep...

We're definitely not rooted in apathy for June. Ah, no, we have been consumed by our temptations.

The other night, Master attempted to leave me marks. i think i've blogged here about how i adore marks and enjoy them, but i don't mark easily. We got the chance to use a new heavy leather hobble which was given to us by a good friend, and that in and of itself was heaven for me. i adore leather bondage gear, and this particular hobble, is quite heavy, thick and wonderfully confining.

At any rate, i was able to drift a bit in the enjoyment of that before Master attempted to leave me marks ─ in part to satisfy His cravings, and in part because i was being feisty with Him earlier in the day.

And so, with His hands, one of my favorite paddles (it's furry on one side! squee!!), the evil white plastic spoon and a small dowel rod, Master whooped my butt. It was horrible and nice all at once. He spaced the strikes widely apart, and i swear i've never been so inclined to move my body up to meet His strikes. But that night i was...

Following that, Master decided that a bit of breast bondage would be tasty. And it was ─ while my ass felt as if it was roasting from the inside, Master crafted one of His beautiful chest harnesses around me, and that delightfuly plumping pinch of the rope (we generally use white nylon rope, by the way) definitely took me to the peak of sensation.

It was fantastically awesome to be fucked from behind while He held my chest up using the harness, still confined, contained by the hobble.

All in all, it was probably one of the loveliest, longest scenes we've had the chance to delve into lately.

The irony though?

There were only teenie tiny little marks left on my alabaster ass, while my breasts have minor bruising in the shape of the breast bondage and chest harness.

Marks are marks, but Master is insisting that He just needs to pummel my ass harder when He beats me.

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Jenny Lynn said...

I don't get barely mark and I get marks that last for days on end even when I'm not trying for marking. LOL...perhaps my new vitamin regimen will reduce days of marks...LOL