Friday, June 5, 2009

Leather for a slave...

The other day, the only chance we've had to play in weeks, I told my slave that she needed to be chained down and fucked. she looked at me in the way she does when she is pouting and begged instead for leather. Now, I know she meant being bound with the leather cuffs, preferably spread eagle and tormented a little before I fucked her. However, I my usual Sadistic way I took her request to mean the leather belts.

I started by putting her in my tall leather posture collar. I then strapped her, one above and one below her breasts, tightening it down on her rib cage and stealing her breath. I then belted her arms to her side and finished by belting her hands to her upper thighs (I'll post the pictures on
Fetlife) and a blindfold over her eyes. In this position, I pulled out a bullet vibe and began tormenting my slave's dripping cunt, coaxing her to that precarious edge of cumming. While titillating her with the vibe, I also slapped her pinched tits, relishing the lovely shade of pinkish red they were turning. I also may have nibbled her nipples a bit in between slaps.

Sadly, the belts that I have for her are simple every day wear belts and haven't yet rigged them with bondage attachments. So my cunt's hands slipped out while cumming, a nice body racking orgasm at that. this lead to an idea that I am going to have to use form now on. Having the straps across her chest I pulled her hands up just under her plum breasts and belted them together a the wrists, slipping it behind so they were attached to the chest straps. I then readjusted the straps on her upper arms and Viola! A leather strap straight jacket. My bitch could not get out to save her tits, trust me I tested.

Bound in this way and blindfolded as she was, I made good use of her dripping cunt. Finally, as a show of kindness I pulled the blindfold off so she could see me fuck her, a favorite of her's...

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