Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sex and Bathroom Floors

Ah, home sweet home. The comfort of our preferred temperature, provided by the AC and random spray bottles for my water loving Master...

Of course, road trips lead to unique opportunities. Lets say, for example, having sex on the floor of someone else's bathroom.

Master's libido has spiked - actually, i think it does almost every spring and summer. (Is that a male thing or what?) Anyway, that makes going anywhere or doing anything kind of tough for Him. He is definitely more comfortable in His own domain, and frankly, so am i. Sure, i do my best to adhere to the rules as much as we can elsewhere, but being home is being held by Him, becoming just another possession.

Being elsewhere, i know i am His, but it doesn't feel as confining. And sometimes i flounder more than others.

This time, i did pretty well, being outside of His domain. And i have lovely (though fading) bruises on my knees to prove it.

Even though neither of us were terribly comfortable, i knew that Master would be in a foul mood if His pressure gauge continued to rise, so to speak. It was late, and neither of us were sure that we would have time if we waited any longer, nor were we sure of our privacy. Which led me to suggesting He use His cunt on the bathroom floor.

i'm not bragging, but that's kind of a big deal that i suggested it. i am reluctant (at best) to be on my knees on any hard surface because of how badly i have smashed my knee up due to my own clumsiness. A gracefull creature, i am not.

Master did use His cunt, without much consideration, rocking my knees on the linoleum covering concrete, leaving Him free to attempt to relax and get some rest without feeling as if He were going to explode from the pressure of an unattended libido.

Though that didn't last long.

Thank goodness we are home!

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