Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sunburns, the Sadists Sneaky Friend...

So, I have a question for all of you. Have you ever say swatted your slave on the bum as a warning, only to remember once the crescendo of screaming and whining subsides that perhaps your darling piece of property may have had a little too much sun during your weekend activities? Yeah... That's where I'm at. We had the chance for a family outing, taking our sweet little child out to Water World for the first time. After a full day of rides, slides, and more than a little time in the kiddie pools, we found ourselves a little over cooked.

I have rarely had good luck with sunscreens and this weekend seems to be no exception. Now, I may have a pretty good burn, but my darling slave girl is really burned, especially on her shoulders which look like a well done steak. So, needless to say, bondage has been a real trip, not to mention little attitude adjustments throughout the day. Earlier, while trying to get her back on track, I placed my heel over her foot and stepped down a bit, completely forgetting that my girl had worn flip flops and now has burned toes. Ouch! She hopped, screamed, cried tears, fell on her ass, and no doubt was silently cursing me up one side and down the other.

There I am, with a rather lopsided smirk on my face and torn by the need to laugh and conversely apologize for forgetting that she is really tender. This tenderness has become something of a challenge for me as I try to avoid one burnt area and manage to aggressively agitate another. Its like I have porcupine quills or something! Now, the notion of being able to drop her to her knees in agonizing pain does hold something of a huge temptation for my sadistic side, but on the flip side this reaction does sort of grate when you are not intending to send her into a near spastic quivering seizure.

A whipping is right out of the question. One snap landing of those stingy little tails and I am convinced she would rip her own arms out to escape. Interestingly though, this horrific pain that instantly turns her into a sniveling pile of pain has a wonderful effect while being fucked. My little slave girl begged so prettily to be hurt while I was pounding her cunt earlier in the day. So, nipples gripped firmly between my fingers, I ground her back and shoulders into the bed cover sending her into a wild orgasm. Apparently sunburns are masochists sneaky friend as well...

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