Thursday, December 6, 2012

Metal Detectors and Collars

When i posted about my collar having to come off, i mentioned that once i had an incident with a metal detector and my permanent collar. Now, mine is no fancy eternity collar, no, it is literally a dog chain. It may have even come from PetSmart. i don't remember. Regardless, it's a perfect fit for a dog like me (grin). Master picked a chain that had substantial weight, and i believe the original chain was in the ballpark of 20 inches long; Master agreed to give me a few extra inches, so my chain collar is 16 inches and might weigh half a pound or so. And it's mixed magnetic metals; nickel and steel, probably, but who knows what else?

Over time, i've had more than one errand, including jury duty, that has required me to venture into the halls of the county courthouses. Typically, before i go through their metal detectors, i will be sure to point out that i am not wearing a belt, have any pockets or am carrying anything, but will warn them that my "necklace" will set off the detectors. Typically, i spin the chain to show them that i cannot take it off as it has no clasp. i will, before even going through the detector, tell them that i agree to a wand test after going through the detectors. Generally, they are quite agreeable to my excess information, and have no issues using the wand to confirm that it was indeed the "necklace" which caused the metal detector to issue an alert.

One time, however, when we were part of a large party entering the courthouse, running later than we intended, those manning the front counter and the metal detectors attempted to deny me entrance because it could not be removed. i had attempted to be as polite and courteous with them as i usually do, but these individuals were testing my patience. They had me walk through the detector twice, and sent me back out, twice. Under Master's bemused eye (having already gone through the metal detector), i asked the individuals if they had a pair of pliers on their belts next to their handcuffs. Their response, of course, was no. Eventually, finally, they agreed that they could get the wand out of the cabinet after i set the detector off for a third time.

At which point, the wonderfully kind and cooperative staff told me that if i ever planned on flying anywhere, i would have to take it off to get through the airport. At which point, all patience gone, i responded "Well, it's a wonderful thing that i don't fly, isn't it?"

As it is, i have found myself clutching the chain in my sleep, reluctant to think that we will take it off. But for the little sneaky one who has already become part of our little unit, Master will. She may already have him wrapped around her tiny fingers, don't you think?