Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's In the Bag...

Warning: Breath Play related post, read at your own insatiable curiosity...

A week or so ago, the girl admitted to me that she had been on the edge of asking to be bagged, and would have had we had a chance. I was floored. Breath play being one of my favorite things to do to the slave, and bagging being one of the top three options, I love it. The girl, on the other hand, would normally place being bagged in the same category as being anally raped by a cactus. So for her to willing request it of her own volition and without previous mention... Again, I was floored. 

In the standard cruel nature of timing and child rearing, we have not had so much as an opportunity since she mentioned her interest. That is, until this weekend. Last night, we had a long list of highly enticing ideas rolling around our mutual brains and bagging was definitely on my list. When the child finally went down, we took our chance. However, having such a long list, the opportunity to pull the plastic bag over her head didn't arise during the night. I tortured her, I fucked her, we both felt more like ourselves. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Still Here...

 It's been a crazy few weeks over here. Beautiful. Strange. Exhausting. Master found a new job. So far, it's something that He really likes, though it's hard for me because they are really strict with security, so He can't text me randomly throughout His shift. He has been kind enough to text me a few times while He's at lunch each day...

During the initial start time, there's only one schedule option, so it has completely reversed our schedules, which has us all yawning early in the afternoon. While we're still stabilizing this (likely temporary) schedule, we haven't had as much Snu-Snu as we'd like, although there have been some truly lovely moments, and reminders left behind on my skin, like a fantastic bruise on my outer right thigh which started appearing as a beautiful green, rather than a typical purple. i've been sleeping leashed and cuffed again, which is also lovely, and most nights, has really reigned in my insomnia (which is both the inability to fall asleep and the ability to stay asleep).

But i've noticed something funny. Back in the days when i was attending college, i always arranged my classes to be as early as possible so that i could be home in the afternoons. i was always out of bed before Master, and always enjoyed taking a moment to watch Him sleep. i only occasionally joked about how nice it would be to lounge in bed while He got up earlier than i.

When Master started this new job, saw me bleary-eyed in the morning as i helped Him get everything He needed for the day and came home in the early afternoon to find me still bleary-eyed, He took pity on me and told me to stay in bed the next two days instead of waking up with Him. i tried, i really did. But sleeping after He has left made me feel uncomfortable, awkward and nervous.

Even though i'm tired, and dragging a bit with this schedule change, i'm grateful because we are able to spend more time together, regardless of it being spent yawning.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Feel the Burn...

So something happened to us that has not happened in... Well, ever as far as I can remember. Certainly not since the very early days of our play. Rope burn. Honest to god, rope burn. Now I have had the girl in literally hundreds of rope harnesses and different bondage positions and I don't remember any of them ever giving her rope burn. I've had her bound in sisal a dozen times at least and still! Pin pricks that bled, but not rope burn. 

This was the culprit harness in question. The best part about this harness in particular was that it was tied on while we were fucking. Every morning when we awake before the kiddo, and we're with it enough, it becomes a race against time. On so many occasions, we'll be in the middle or even just starting to get it on when suddenly there are little eyes at the door. So yesterday, having been deprived of a chance to do anything with rope for a while, and following the very mean admission from the girl that she had actually considered offering herself up to me to be bagged a couple of nights previous, we were in the mood for more than just sex. I made the girl climb out of bed and retrieve two lengths of rope and I quickly set to work. Starting with her arms, I bound them behind her back in an alternate hojojutsu type harness. As opposed to going around the neck, though I love that, I went over the shoulders and back down to the hands. It was quick and highly effective. 

Then I lay the girl down and sank my member into her, much to her eager desire. While riding her, I continued with the next section of rope. Binding it to the loops around her shoulders to start, I drew it down and wound around her middle a couple of times before bringing it back up the center and tying it off in a sort of handle between her breasts.The sex was fantastic and the whole experience was delightful. I want to explore more into quick bondage that can be completed while using the girl, as often we normally finish a tie before doing anything more. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Humiliation via Text

With the recent move, we've found ourselves closer to old friends and new. It's been really spectacular, in that many of them are as geeky as we are (and truth be told, a few are deepening our geeky-ness). Another particularly awesome bonus is that a few of them are kink-curious themselves, and most of them are kink-friendly.

On July 31, one of our friends whom we have known for years, celebrated his birthday. His request was boobie pictures. Being the obliging sort, Master confirmed the birthday fellow's phone number when our geeky, kink-friendly friends popped over, and sent a picture of my boobage via text. It was very much like the pink ribbon. It was embarrassing and a bit humiliating, considering among our friends (who were geeky friends before we realized they were also kinky friends) i tend to be rather prudish. After a few moments, our visiting friends began looking at their phones. One looked at me and smirked. Another looked at Master and asked if He'd meant to do that. And i was largely befuddled until the last text arrived in the room, when the third friend exclaimed "Boobies!"

Of course, i nabbed Master's phone to prevent the picture from spreading further by His fingers, but His phone is not set up the same way mine is, so i wound up opening His music files and playing "Control" by Poe. How stunningly appropriate! At that point Master demanded the return of His phone and my face was probably as pink as the (thankfully) absent pink ribbon of doom.

i hope our birthday friend enjoyed the picture as much as it fueled Master's and my enjoyment at one of our favorite aspects of play: humiliation.