Monday, August 6, 2012

Feel the Burn...

So something happened to us that has not happened in... Well, ever as far as I can remember. Certainly not since the very early days of our play. Rope burn. Honest to god, rope burn. Now I have had the girl in literally hundreds of rope harnesses and different bondage positions and I don't remember any of them ever giving her rope burn. I've had her bound in sisal a dozen times at least and still! Pin pricks that bled, but not rope burn. 

This was the culprit harness in question. The best part about this harness in particular was that it was tied on while we were fucking. Every morning when we awake before the kiddo, and we're with it enough, it becomes a race against time. On so many occasions, we'll be in the middle or even just starting to get it on when suddenly there are little eyes at the door. So yesterday, having been deprived of a chance to do anything with rope for a while, and following the very mean admission from the girl that she had actually considered offering herself up to me to be bagged a couple of nights previous, we were in the mood for more than just sex. I made the girl climb out of bed and retrieve two lengths of rope and I quickly set to work. Starting with her arms, I bound them behind her back in an alternate hojojutsu type harness. As opposed to going around the neck, though I love that, I went over the shoulders and back down to the hands. It was quick and highly effective. 

Then I lay the girl down and sank my member into her, much to her eager desire. While riding her, I continued with the next section of rope. Binding it to the loops around her shoulders to start, I drew it down and wound around her middle a couple of times before bringing it back up the center and tying it off in a sort of handle between her breasts.The sex was fantastic and the whole experience was delightful. I want to explore more into quick bondage that can be completed while using the girl, as often we normally finish a tie before doing anything more. 

However, after all was said and done, while I was unbinding the girl, I noticed that she had a peculiar mark right between her breasts that looked raw. I asked her about it and she was as surprised as I was, she hadn't felt anything rubbing during her use. But there is was, an inch and a half by half an inch wide rope burn. At first it wasn't painful, endorphins and such. Then it started to grow tender and the girl noticed it. But still, she wasn't unhappy about it as it reminded her of how she had received it.

I, on the other hand, was a bit disappointed. Had the burn come about by design then I wouldn't be as concerned. However, it had completely surprised the both of us! Again, we've been doing bondage for over a decade and now, suddenly, this happens? Honestly it threw me. I can kind of understand how it happened with this particular harness and I'll be able to avoid the potential in the future. Still, I've done this kind of harness before, done the same kinds of activities with much coarser rope, and yet... This time.

The real crux of this is that the burn is nestled right between her breasts, an area that folds and bends, is agitated by bras, and sweats regularly. It hasn't scabbed over, meaning that healing is going to take a while. In the mean time, there isn't much I can do with her in regard to bondage, tit fucking (which has been on my list for a bit now), strenuous positional torments, and it will show in every picture till it is gone completely. There are some aspects that offer up cruel opportunities, but over all I am disappointed by this. Again, had it been my intent I wouldn't be bothered. Not every surprise is a good one, sadly. Not even in kink...


jenpet said...

i love You so! i feel much the same about the rope burn: ultimately surprised, considering all Your care and caution, and the fact that i didn't feel it at all!
i am sure that if we can get the wound to dry properly it will heal quickly. As the rope burn is shallow, and our efforts to keep it clean, i know it will be fine.
This is a wonderful example of why kinksters should always know the risks of any type of play, and accept them, as we do. i've always realized, as i know You have, that rope burns are a possibility, and am willing to accept the responsibility of caring for our little oopsie. Especially considering how much fun we had that morning. ;)

Hayley Rose said...

awww Master Reaper don't be so hard on Yourself....accidents happen and it sounds like jenpet is fine...oupsies happen..and since this is the first one in over a decade thats awesome in itself....i am getting oupsie's a lot these ;)
Take care you two!!