Sunday, August 26, 2012

It's In the Bag...

Warning: Breath Play related post, read at your own insatiable curiosity...

A week or so ago, the girl admitted to me that she had been on the edge of asking to be bagged, and would have had we had a chance. I was floored. Breath play being one of my favorite things to do to the slave, and bagging being one of the top three options, I love it. The girl, on the other hand, would normally place being bagged in the same category as being anally raped by a cactus. So for her to willing request it of her own volition and without previous mention... Again, I was floored. 

In the standard cruel nature of timing and child rearing, we have not had so much as an opportunity since she mentioned her interest. That is, until this weekend. Last night, we had a long list of highly enticing ideas rolling around our mutual brains and bagging was definitely on my list. When the child finally went down, we took our chance. However, having such a long list, the opportunity to pull the plastic bag over her head didn't arise during the night. I tortured her, I fucked her, we both felt more like ourselves. 

Then there was this morning. The moment we were both conscious and dry humping each other in bed, I jumped up, bound her hands behind her back, and then retrieved the bag. The look on her face was priceless, a mix of terror and lustful desire. Normally when I bag the bitch, she is bound in a chair, sitting up and unable to do much more than shift back and forth. However, this causes a distance between us and the girl has mentioned that that gulf causes her panic to be that much worse. So, with this in mind, I decided that I would try it while holding her bound in my lap. 

It has been ages since I have had the chance to bag my girl and I didn't want to do so without at least some pictures. I set my camera up to record video and climbed back onto the bed. I pulled the anxious girl up to sit next to me and I caressed her soothingly. Then came the bag. The girl's fear was palpable but she offered her head like a good little slave. The plastic slipped over her head and I let it sit there for a moment unsealed, letting her nervousness simmer for a moment to two longer. 

I held her tight, stroking her skin and reassuring her again that she as a good girl. Then I used my hands to seal the bag around her neck, choking her slightly in the process. There was an initial panic that crossed her face as she realized she'd been sealed off from the world, but then that passed as she tired to regain composure and conserve her air. I held her, cooing in her ear as her breathing naturally sped up as the air grew thin. Then came the next wave of panic, the autonomic response to being suffocated. Again she fought for composure, but it was so much more elusive this time. Then the bag began to close on her face as she gasped. Being bound, there was no way to free herself and her complete and desperate helplessness hit home. I pulled the bag up off her face, letting her escape the panic as air flooded her lungs. The girl's breathing returned to normal, until I told her it wasn't over yet. That gorgeous look of fear returned and I pulled the bag back down over her face. 

It gets hard, fighting the panic over multiple sessions, trying desperately to hold on and breathe slowly as the bag closes in over your face again and again. Watching her panic, seeing her lips part and that barely perceptible quiver of her lower lip as stale air pours down her throat. Seeing that desperation grip her as the plastic membrane sucks into her gaping mouth and her body fights to breathe. Again and again I bring her to the brink of terror and dangle her helplessly over the edge, letting her pleas for mercy and her frantic flopping fuel my cruel desires before pulling her back with a gulp of fresh air. Oh how she cries. 

This morning, I allowed her to suffer for me in this way four times before I could no longer resist fucking her. The last, I let her know, would be short in comparison, but harder than the rest. Again that look of fear filled her face and I pulled the bag down one final time. I pulled the slack out of it till it was tight against her skin, allowing her only half breaths. Each intake sucked the bag tightly against her face, stopping any air from entering, stale or otherwise. The girl fought, begged, whined, gasped, flopped, shuddered, and cried as she suffocated. I held her tight, reminding her she wasn't done until I said. I loved it, every quiver of her frame, every groaning, suckling sound that escaped from her encased  mouth. Eventually though, I had to let her go... so I could fuck her. I pulled the bag free from her head and held her as she gasped. In moments her breathing returned to normal and I cooed in her ear what a good girl she had been. Then I rolled her over and took her like a dog while she whimpered. 

I would like it to be known, that despite the wealth of protests and whining that bagging elicits from the girl, she gets so wet from the fear and panic! As I said, I recorded the whole thing so keep an eye out on Fetlife for the video update.

So that was our morning, and what a great way to start the day. Breakfast of champions and all that...


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