Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Still Here...

 It's been a crazy few weeks over here. Beautiful. Strange. Exhausting. Master found a new job. So far, it's something that He really likes, though it's hard for me because they are really strict with security, so He can't text me randomly throughout His shift. He has been kind enough to text me a few times while He's at lunch each day...

During the initial start time, there's only one schedule option, so it has completely reversed our schedules, which has us all yawning early in the afternoon. While we're still stabilizing this (likely temporary) schedule, we haven't had as much Snu-Snu as we'd like, although there have been some truly lovely moments, and reminders left behind on my skin, like a fantastic bruise on my outer right thigh which started appearing as a beautiful green, rather than a typical purple. i've been sleeping leashed and cuffed again, which is also lovely, and most nights, has really reigned in my insomnia (which is both the inability to fall asleep and the ability to stay asleep).

But i've noticed something funny. Back in the days when i was attending college, i always arranged my classes to be as early as possible so that i could be home in the afternoons. i was always out of bed before Master, and always enjoyed taking a moment to watch Him sleep. i only occasionally joked about how nice it would be to lounge in bed while He got up earlier than i.

When Master started this new job, saw me bleary-eyed in the morning as i helped Him get everything He needed for the day and came home in the early afternoon to find me still bleary-eyed, He took pity on me and told me to stay in bed the next two days instead of waking up with Him. i tried, i really did. But sleeping after He has left made me feel uncomfortable, awkward and nervous.

Even though i'm tired, and dragging a bit with this schedule change, i'm grateful because we are able to spend more time together, regardless of it being spent yawning.

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