Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Interesting Times...

Interesting times these. As I have written before, the children have made our kinky life so consistently inconsistent that it's hardly been worth blogging about. As a result of this, I have been going Kinky Stir Crazy. That is not to say that we haven't had our opportunities, as those who follow our postings on Fetlife will recognize. Some recent play with rope and bags and the cage in pictures and videos. As the littlest one ages, our opportunities increase and that ever present hunger sets in for some fantastic times. 

In between those times, however, lie the stir crazy moments. So much desire, so much need. I keep looking for someone to play with. The overall goal would be to have someone long term and permanent, but in the mean time, just having someone to play with... A friend with benefits, casual encounter, trainee sub, what have you. I have reached out to the local scene, munches, messages to Fetlife peoples with "is looking for:" fitting what I would offer, and even been down the the play parties at the local club. And overall, I have been disappointed in the response or experience. 

However, the other day I received a message from a a fellow Fetlife member offering for me to act as a trainer for one of his subs. An interesting proposition to come right out of the blue, but certainly one that holds my interest. The young woman travels through my town regularly, apparently, and her training would encompass a range of focuses, complete sexual use and full photographic rights. We had set a meeting at a local restaurant and arranged the details from there. Always important to provide safe arrangements when meeting someone new. Though, due to illness, she had to cancel. A shame, but we'll soon see if the opportunity provides itself. Should it, I am looking forward to meeting this young lady.

Which raises an interesting question: how likely or possible would it be to lend out my services as a slave trainer? Part time submissive, online/distance slaves, traveling. This is not the first request I've had to train a distance slave, but it is the first time I have considered it to be legitimate. Using my home or friend's place when able, or the convenient hotel; offer training in protocol, positions, poise, pain, discipline, etc. How wonderful would that be? I get my fix, expand my photo archive, build my resume, and reputation within the community, and improve my fellow owner's property. Branch out, meet, beat, and fuck new people all over. 

Now... how to advertise ;) I suppose the viability of this option will be proved, or disproved, by the success of this first attempt. Here's to hoping. What do you think? Would you send your property to be trained by someone else? To expand their experience and hopefully enrich their submission? Would this option be exclusive to only distance/online submissives or would it apply to all relationship types? Who would you trust your slave to?...