Sunday, March 6, 2011

Playtime review . . . 2 weeks late!

Wow. Another weekend play-date with Master Pravus and Red Vinyl Kitty left me . . . speechless. Which is (admittedly, only partly) the reason that i am the last to recount the event . . . two weeks later . . . 

Master and i were really excited that our first play-date (or second meeting) with Master Pravus and the Red Vinyl Kitty went so well, it was really hard to wait for the second play-date. But we all survived, and we planned it out carefully. Master and Master Pravus were constantly plotting via IM, and while Kitty was filled in on most of the plans, i wasn't, despite the fact i also spent time chatting with Master Pravus and the Kitty. i don't really like surprises, but Master thinks they're good for me, so He keeps doing it. 

Saturday seemed to kind of crawl along, we were all so anxious to meet, but after stopping to find a memory card for the new camera, Master and i found we were running ahead of schedule. We were excited and giddy, giggling like mad as we drove through the insane traffic of the city. The butterflies in my tummy were flapping madly as we found ourselves walking up the walk to their place, and hearing their voices through the open windows turned them into a pleasant tornado. 

It was a blur of happiness as we all greeted each other, chatting easily as we tried to settle in, though with all of the stuff we hauled in (Master said half of our collection -- but i don't know if He was serious) it was a bit of a challenge to get it all settled without smashing it into anything. It seemed that within moments of walking in, Master and Master Pravus had Kitty stripping me of my clothes - and, horror of horrors, redressing me in a lacy maid outfit. Once attired in the dreaded lace, i was ordered to strip and re-dress the Kitty to match. As much as i despise the lace, we looked rather smashing in matching outfits. 

After eating, teased and tittilated, the toppy-types got out strap-on harnesses with the intentions of having Kitty and i fuck each other. Kitty went first, delighted by the prospect of breaking in her harness officially, and squealed prettily about how awesome it was to feel it pop in to my cunt. (It felt awesome from my end, too!!!) And here is where the blurriness begins to get terribly bad. i was moved around a bit, trying different positions, and feeling rather lovely. But i think i reacted to the lube or the latex* (condom over the toy) or both, and so became very spacey and maybe a little whiney (sadface). i didn't want the fun to be over so soon! And if it hadn't been for the burning sensation, i would have much rather continued being fucked by the Kitty! But in the interest of attempting to prevent further harm, it was called to an end. After Master Pravus and Master each received a rubdown from two slave-girls, it was decided that a trip down to the hot-tub would be well placed.

As we enjoyed the hot tub, in the cool night air, we also moved around and talked, not just as a group, but individually. Master Pravus and myself watched Master and Kitty making out and talked about how hot it was, and how he saw it as kind of a mirror, a unique view of Kitty as she kissed Master, and seeing both of them happy. Interestingly enough, Master and Kitty had a similar conversation as Master Pravus and myself snuggled in the awesome hot water, protected from the chilly air. We spent a good long while in the hot tub, and we were all prunes by the time we bundled up and walked through the cool air back to the apartment.

As our bathing suits all tumbled about together in the dryer, Master and the Kitty headed off to the Master bath, where they showered together, and Master Pravus and myself took advantage of the second bathroom. He chuckled evilly, pointing out that if i wasn't allergic to cats, we might not have had the chance to use the shower cuffs, which were dangling off the shower wall.  It's amazing how tough velcro and suction cups can be! 

Once all showered, we returned to the living room, we found Kitty and Master in the front room waiting for us. Master and Master Pravus teased Kitty and i about not wanting sleepy blow jobs this time, and demanded that we get to work before any other fun could follow. i seem to recall the Kitty and i teasing back, but rather pleased that we were really able to do a good job, rather than sleepily stumbling through tantalizing blowjobs.

With the Master's satisfied, there was no pause as things progressed, Master lashed Kitty into His chains, while Master Pravus went to work on me, with an enormous wooden paddle. For me, it was frighteningly huge, and though Master Pravus went very lightly with it, i still was sorely tempted to jump about twenty feet whenever i felt the air currents change as it was guided towards my ass. Master Pravus also showed me some pervertables, including a fairly standard perverted wooden kitchen spoon, which induced some trembling and probably some gasps. Master and i are going to have to search for the next pervertable though - i think it would make an amazing addition to our collection... Master Pravus went after the backs of my thighs with a silicone cake knife. It. Was. Awesome. It thudded before it stung, rather unlike most toys, which have a sting that coincides with the thudding...

While i could vaguely hear what was happening with Master and the Kitty, i lost it entirely as Master Pravus led me through a series of orgasms, which left me kind of . . . well . . . loopy. Here, i remember, vaguely, bondage tape breast bondage and possibly clamps, but i was quite out of it. Eventually, Master Pravus cut the tape off of me and led me to the chair, where he had me sit in his lap as we watched Master and the Kitty. Though fuzzy, eventually, i believe i began teasing Master Pravus' cock with my hands, while similarly Kitty gave Master a hand-job. At some point, he moved me to lay me in the chair and he began to fuck my tits. Though it's kind of a new way to enjoy my body, i really am delighted when being tit-fucked - there's a sensation of pressure, different kinds of friction and everything feels . . . close and yet extraordinarily distant. When both Masters' had their second round of fun, we all took the opportunity for a quick rinse.

Somewhere at the end of the evening, Master had Kitty experience a delayed orgasm, which resulted in a bit of a prolonged orgasm for the Kitty, and she laughed for a long time afterwards, "who comes for that long, seriously?" i fell asleep on the floor next to the Kitty as she giggled manically from exhaustion and use. Eventually the Kitty and i were moved into our proper places, that is, into bed with our respective Masters. Master fucked me, chained me to the pullout couch, and we dozed for a little while.

The next morning, as we all woke up, Master began torturing me. He beat my thighs with the leather paddle, and then wound me with belts, with the intention of making me wait twice as long as the Kitty did for her orgasm the night before. Eventually it shifted to "Until Kitty is done cooking the bacon." Let me tell you - that was some tasty bacon, but i've never, ever, ever met anyone who cooks bacon like Kitty does  -- very slowly. (i guess my family is just a bunch of far too impatient carnivores! LOL!) Compressed and held on the edge for something like 45 minutes, deliriousness was my state of being for the remainder of the day.

After breakfast, there was more casual play, and though i had plenty of rest, plenty of torture and orgasms and fucking, my brain on Sunday morning failed to capture details. i felt fuzzy and content, and know i was useful and have heard that Master Pravus used my breasts to get off again...

By the time we absolutely had to leave, i was a very blissed out girl. And i know we're all looking forward to next time!

* i don't normally react to latex, but i am finding that certain brands set me off for some reason. 


Red Vinyl Kitty said...

You know, I think the only reason I am so patient with the bacon is because I'm not a big fan of eating it. :)

That aside though, I really enjoyed reading your post. It was fun to relive everything, and hear about the things you and Master did since I missed most of it. :) I can't wait for you both to come back. <3

MAcula said...

It wasn't too late at all. I'm glad you took your time, it gave me something to look forward to.

I can safely reassure you that you were quite useful to me on Sunday morning. A very good pet.

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