Saturday, December 18, 2010

Anal Training: Day 5...

Day five of our anal training adventure was less successful. We had company early in the day, an old friend we haven't had time to see in a while stopped by for the morning. It was a great visit, but then I had to rush off to work for a few hours. The child had fallen asleep during our visit and had finally woken just before I returned home, leaving us no alone time to do it. Given some sleep issues, being that neither of us got more than five hours apiece, I was willing to let it go for the day and work it a bit extra the next.

Though, the girl didn't like that idea, so she suggested that we go ahead and do it. It was funny to watch her literally kick herself for offering the notion, but I accepted her request. The girl asked if we could spend less time, about half an hour this time since I expected her to get up and move around. With the kiddo downstairs running a muck, we intended to come back down once she was plugged up.

I took her upstairs, placed the plug and the lube tube in hot water upstairs with us to limit air cooling time, and we began. Now there is this depressive mood that descends upon the girl when I begin the process, she goes quite and answers my questions with short, clipped responses. I added the lube, and plenty of it, but I did so much quicker than previous times. I then slipped the plug straight into her ass with little effort to work it in.

There were the standard comments; it hurts, i don't like it, i hate you for it, etc. Still, she was belted up and ready to go. However, the child came up to see what we were doing, and since our bed is right in front of our staircase, I had to whip the blanket over the girl's exposed, plugged ass just before he made it to the top. Still, when he made noise, the girl jumped in the bed causing her to groan. The boy decided to stay upstairs with us, so there was little need for the girl to move about. Yet I told her to come over and be with us. Tearfully, she refused, moaning and begging. That didn't go over with me all that well so I repeated the command. Still she refused. I went to her, willing to talk her through her issue, but with the boy there wanting to climb all over us, it was a bit difficult.

I began the same way as before, asking about her feelings and how they compared to other things, but her anger had taken control of her by this point and she was unwilling to let go of her dislike. I tried to ask her more questions, but she kept deflecting and trying to distract me with various household issues. This made me pretty cranky, understandably, but I remain committed to getting her through this experiment without giving into my own anger and without letting her get away with bitching her way out. I left it in her for a little while longer, at least the half hour I agreed to, before covertly removing it and whisking it away to be cleaned.

This is when the girl's anger faded and the remorse started. Regretful of her behavior, she would come up to me to apologize. We talked a bit about it, more so the next morning when everyone was calmer. I told her that she is right were I imagine she should be, having such an issue with the whole process as she does. I'm okay with working slowly to get her through it, but unless there is a legitimate issue with anal play, i.e. potential damage to the colon or chemical imbalance in her bowels, etc. she will see this through. I ordered her to write a short essay on how she feels about anal play and how she feels about the way she reacts to it. I'll probably post it when I get it.

The girl expresses her desire to see it through, despite the problems she's experiencing. That kind of dedication is staggering when one thinks about it. It speaks to an immense commitment to me and to my desires for her. I am so proud of her for that, even if she does lash out from time to time.

For the next session, we begin the longer time periods and more daily tasks. In one week, I'm hoping to perform her first enema and graduate her up to the next plug. However, the name of this game is slow and steady, so I'll keep you all informed as we progress...

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