Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Anal Training: Day 2...

This morning, while the kiddo was still asleep, we got a start on the second day of plugging. The girl was much more sensitive today and twitched quite a bit while I worked the plug into her. Lots of lube, but less conversation today which I think had an effect. Though the girl was far less resistant today as well, mostly pouting an maybe a second or two of hesitation before obeying my commands.

Yesterday, given the amount of comforting that was necessary to get her through the experience, we connected in a very sensual way. Lots of conversation, lots of touching and reassuring. Today, though I still allowed her to be free of the cage and I stayed with her throughout the ordeal, there was far less communication. I' m not even sure why, but we both lay there mostly in silence, punctuated by my occasional question or prodding. My attempts to massage her breast again were fruitless as she said it only made things ache more.

Even the bullet vibe that I had used yesterday seemed to not have the same effect, the girl asked to have it removed shortly after we settled in for the hour long sentence. The plug caused similar sensations to yesterday, what she described as a tornado of forks, but also there was also a burning sensation. Whenever I had her move or bumped into her she would gasp and moan. I allowed her to read while this was going on, something to help take her mind off of the ache, but then she dropped her book. I made her roll over a pick it up, and boy did she moan about that.

Once the hour was over, I told her to get up on her knees so I could remove the plug. I worked it a little bit, twisting it to make sure that it wasn't catching any of the delicate membranes of her inner ass. As it turns out it was as all of the lubricant seemed to have been worn away. It took a little work to get her to pop the plug out, and a lot more moaning. When it did come out, I examined it and found that it was completely dry and had been catching on her insides, probably for the last half hour. My thoughts on the cause of this are that she was worrying the plug, clenching at it with her colon muscles which stripped way the lube, or that her lining was rather dry and absorbed it.

Once she was freed from her anal intruder, I shackled her wrists with the metal cuffs and had my way with her. Due to the ache and lingering burn, she did not find the fucking to be all that satisfying, tear inducing, but not satisfying. I, on the other hand, rather enjoyed it and sprayed my happiness all over her tummy. Finally I let her run... or, um, hobble ;), to the shower to find comfort and cleanliness in its hot steam.

Tomorrow I'm going to check the plug periodically throughout the hour, making sure that it stays lubricated. Tomorrow will also be the last day that she will be free of the cage. A friend of ours offered the idea of experimenting with some thicker lubricants and if tomorrow's attempt is a repeat of today's, then a thicker lube is the next step. Hey, that would make a pretty good stocking stuffer, no?...

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