Friday, March 5, 2010

Eggs and Q&A

It's still March. Whoot! And thankfully, i have more questions to stimulate blogs! Remember, all month long, Master and i will be answering questions, so feel free to leave us a comment here, or send either one of us messages on FetLife and we'll bring the questions here.

Over on FetLife, i was asked a series of questions, but i believe the quester would prefer to remain anonymous, so without further ado, the questions and answers!

"However you define, "typical".. what's a typical day like in your home?"
Typical does not define us. At all. Every day, beyond the normal stuff like school and Master's job, is an adventure. i never really know what to expect, in part because we are a houseful of chaos driven people. i do my best to make sure that the needs and wants of Master are met, as are the needs of our son. i suck at keeping house, but i try to do so. Master and i both work to make sure that we get at least a little time each day to connect on as many levels as we can, though sometimes, that doesn't work out the way we would hope. If there's time and i have permission, i like to paint and draw. But no day or week is ever like any other.

Is there any one thing you can say to your Master that you know will get you "the look"?
There are many. Using imperative form rather than asking politely, using certain words or phrases, being impertinent in general... And if i use the word "dude" to refer to Him (or anyone else, really) His eyes snap to me and much like my favorite picture of Him on FetLife, it seems as if He is going to bore a hole through me!

"Do you ever wonder what it would be like to change places with your Master for just one day?"
No. i know what it would be like. i don't want that. For me to do what comes so naturally to Him is more work than following His rules.

"What are some non-BDSM goals you and your Master would like to accomplish this year?"
Both of us want to make some serious life changes. We don't really like where we live. We aren't terribly happy continuing to rent...stuff like that. We have a plan, but it is all very tentative right now.

"Which came first, the chicken or the egg?"
Since creatures are so complex, in order to really provide an adequate answer to that question, i believe you have to look at other creatures. Sure, a chick could potentially survive without a chicken looking after it, but could a foal? Because the horse came before the foal, a chicken must come before the egg. And since we're talking about a chicken rather than specifically a rooster, the facts suggest that the chicken already had eggs, so the two events must occur simultaneously.

Remember...we're answering questions all month long. BDSM related or not, leave us a comment or a message over on FetLife and we'll post it!


Kara & Jessica said...

Great Q & A!!!


Florida Dom said...

Do your scenes tend to change over time. For example, do you less or more of bondage than you used to. And less or more spankings. And do the scenes usually lead to sex? And does sex include BJs and anal sex very often?

Ok, that's pretty personal but you asked for questions.