Thursday, March 4, 2010

March Questions

Since it's March, we're doing the whole "you ask us a question and we answer" thing. It will be great fun, as long as people ask! Leave your questions anonymously, or not, as a comment over the month (any post we make), be they about BDSM, life in general, or something completely off the wall and we'll answer them! And then you get more from us to read. ;)

Speaking of Questions, Biddable asked "If there was one kid's TV show you could make (along with its associated merchandise) disappear as though it had never been, which would you choose?"

For me, that's easy to answer. It may be cliche, but i hate the purple dinosaur. Hate him. Thankfully, we don't actually have television, so our son hasn't discovered that "wonderful" addiction, so we aren't up to our necks in purple dinosaurs. Though the little guy really does enjoy watching clips of Sesame Street, which is cool with me.

Master, however, would rather get rid of a rather ribald cartoon, which is not meant to be a kids' show (but many kids watch it since it airs on Nikelodeon), about a particular yellow square. His stand is, yes, the purple dinosaur is doofy, but at least it's semi-educational, so it's better to be rid of the ridiculousness of a sponge in the sea.

Speaking of purple kid's shows, i did thoroughly enjoy the movie "Death to Smoochy" with Robin Williams. Funny stuff, that.


Biddable said...

I'll let the dinosaur live and have a definite fondness for the sponge. (Bob l'éponge, as he is called in French.) For me it's a horrible mishmash of soul-suckingly awful live action shows aimed at pre-tween girls that make me want to kill. iCarly is probably at the top of my shit list right now, but that's mostly because JONAS has fallen out of favour with the big kid.

jenpet said...

@Biddable: good point. i suppose that there are worse things out there than the dinosaur. i've just not been subjected to them... This is how far out of it i am...until Miley Cirus had a clothing line at WalMart, i had no clue who she was. Jonas? Don't know what that is either. Or iCarly.

i think the sponge is not bad for adults and even kind of fun. But for kids (especially under 10)? If i get my way, my boy won't watch it until he's 13.