Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy, happy, joy, joy!

So, yesterday, my dear Master blogged about the aggravations we're experiencing. He talked about how He's become frustrated with the subtle aspects that we have in our relationship, and how desperately we need time to connect, time to be the sadist and masochist, the torturer and the tortured.

And later that evening, the stars aligned and the door to our play space was open, inviting and child free.

We looked at each other, a bit giddy, and then the primal needs took over. A few whacks with a flogger seemed lacking, but the snap of the bamboo cane Master recently obtained from the sub-shop hit home. Whacks to my ample bottom and thighs got my feet kicking, and Master whacked those some, too. Delicious, that. (i hope He'll cane my feet again soon!) As i squirmed about, Master moved on to the front, and whacks over my breasts and ribs had me confusedly trying to escape and remain still all at once.

As i found myself bound down, Master fished out an inflatable gag along with the ring gag, clover clamps and a few bamboo skewers. After he had gagged me, using the ring gag to ensure that i didn't have the chance to force out the inflatable gag, i found myself buried in deliriously delicious pain as Master carved a word into my flesh with the point of the bamboo skewer.

As Master fucked me (glory!), the clovers bounced about, tightening as they tend to do, while He whacked upon my breasts and ribs with the skewer. It wasn't long before i was struggling to beg His permission to cum. Devious as He is, He refused until i would acquiesce to the butt plug. Four opportunities came and went (have i mentioned i'm stubborn and a little bull headed?) before i agreed.

Of course, the blinding delight soon followed, for Master is true to his word, and orgasms followed, delighting both of us. And, we are, for a bit, content again, Master securely in His place as the cruel, demanding and loving one, and me safely below, subjugated property, adoring the one who owns her with the word "bitch" carved into her torso.

We hope this trend continues!
please, oh, please!
P.S. Remember it's still March...If you have questions, ask us and we'll answer!

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