Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Caged Meat...

Thank the gods for Spring Break! A couple of days without academic distractions, coupled with a bit of creative parenting, and this could be the start of some real fun. Earlier today, I pulled the dog cage out of the closet and had it assembled in no time, I'm getting really good at putting it together quickly.

When my pet returned from an errand, we had a quick bite for lunch, and into the cage she went, naked of course. She had no idea how long she was going to be in it, even I didn't have a specific time in mind. A sheet over the top separated her from the world outside the cage and kept the boy from seeing mommy in such a vulnerable, and difficult to explain, position.

My slave remained caged for nearly three hours before our dinner plan for the evening required her release. Three hours of relative quite, peace, and reflection, with occasional ordered orgasms and impacts upon the cage bars, just to rattle her a little. You should have seen her eyes, dilated almost as wide as her iris and a cunt so wet her thighs were moist. Once out, she knelt, legs spread wide like the little slut slave she is and she kissed my foot, thanking me. I hadn't felt that right in a while now.

Best part is, the cage will remain set up for the rest of Spring Break and available at a moment's notice to lock her away. What better way to ensure that a slave knows just how owned and controlled she is than to be locked away in a small cage for hours on her Master's whim?...


Kara & Jessica said...

That must have been a lot of fun for the both of you. I use to do a lot of cage time with my ex Mistress. However it's been year since I really got to experience be locked in one for hours at a time. At times it was a great opportunity to relax and just think about various things going on in my head & life.
Glad you two have fun with it.


Florida Dom said...

How often do you give her cage time and does it make her wet just putting her in the cage because it brings out her submissive side or is being ordered to cum that turns her on?

And where do you keep the cage?


Masterofslavej said...

@ Jessica - It's funny, when I asked jenpet what she had been thinking about the whole time she told me that she didn't think, at all. That it was three hours of just... being. Inside she is faced with the simplicity of her humble existence, free from distractions and outside expectations.

@ Florida Dom - I love the effect the cage has on her, it brings her very deeply into subspace and removes all of that crap that builds up in our lives. School, housework, our child, friends, everything vanishes the moment that cage door is shut and locked. Inside she is property, meat, nothing but the slave I own and love.

Sadly the cage has lived, folded up, in the back of my closet for nearly three years now. This was the first opportunity we've taken to have her locked inside since our son was born. Because it is a fold down unit and though it is small, it is not something that can live in the front room and thus takes up space in our cramped little bedroom, it makes it difficult to pull out and set up on a whim.

Provided that it was a continual tool in my kinky arsenal, I would use it near daily. The affect it has on her, mentioned above, is incredible and hones her submission like nothing else. Sadly, later today I have to take it down and relegate it back into the closet so we can have our room back.

On the plus side, she was in it twice more for long periods before it had to come down...

Biddable said...

I would love to have a cage. I find restriction really sets my mind straight, be it restriction of communication, socialization, range of allowed behaviours, movement... it all works.

Oh, and could you let jenpet know there's a little surprise for her on my blog?