Friday, April 2, 2010


Hmmm. March and spring break kind of slipped away. i cannot believe it is April already...

And i had a nice surprise when Biddable passed on the Beautiful Blogger Award to me. And she said she was flabbergasted when it was given to her! Ha! i am tongue-tied, red-faced and completely surprised that she passed it to me.

Now, three bloggers that i think deserve the award:

Carrie-Ann, because even at her "snarkiest," she is brilliant, funny and a joy to read... On top of that, she's hot, and i love it when she dyes her hair pink.

Rayne, because she's beautifully funny, intelligent and honest about what's going on in her life, even when it's hard to make sense of it. Also, she's a really beautiful gal and has such a stunning smile!

libby, because she shares little "dibbles" (it is too a word and it seems appropriate to the way i am thinking about libby's blogs) that really make me think about what i am and why it is i do what i do, i also admire her for her skills in balancing motherhood and slavery, and she's doing an extraordinary job, and now expecting twins! (Congrats, by the way!) i don't know what she looks like, but if butterflies talked, she would sound like butterflies.

(i totally would have tagged Biddable, if she hadn't tagged me first... Her writing almost always gives me a smirk, and she also has a lot of grace in domestic and slavey-ways. Plus the way she writes is hot, and i'd be willing to guess she is also sexy.)

Now i'm supposed to include seven things you might not know about me:
1. i swore i'd never use oil paints for my paintings, but now i love them. (i think i've mentioned that i'm an artsy type before.)
2. i don't think there's anything extraordinary about me.
3. i like all kinds of music, up to rap. my favorites are things my Master doesn't like, like Pink Floyd, the Moody Blues and some random country. i also like recording artists like Pink, Lady Gaga, Blue October and Stained.
4. my most favorite artist is Vincent Van Gogh, though my style is very different from his impasto.
5. i often procrastinate ahead of schedule. If something is supposed to be done in two weeks, i will procrastinate for five days and then finish the task a week ahead of schedule.
6. Master and i don't have television...we watch our shows online and use our television for movies and video games.
7. i have had one seizure in my life, when i was a kid, but it has never happened again.


Biddable said...

Aw, shucks.

I suffer from an extreme case of #2 myself.

Anonymous said...

Awww, thanks, Jen :) Shoot. I guess now I have to get one up, huh?