Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My friends, allow me to sum up the last few months in a single phrase: Holy Crap Nuggets! There, that about sums it up. So much has happened it is hard to recount it all, so perhaps a vague synopsis will do.

First, the girl graduated college, and thanks to a wild all nighter with a finicky four year old the eve of graduation day, I have hazy memories of the whole thing. Fortunately I also brought my camera to the event so I have pictures to punctuate the haze of my memories, and a video of her graduate class speech.

I am very proud of her, and was very pleased when she returned home after the festivities to fall to her knees and offer me her diploma. The girl earned Magda-Cum-Laud, honor society member, and the respect of her peers and teachers. Most importantly, she pleased her Owner. I had hoped that after years of living through a difficult, conflicting schedule and the constant stress of homework we would now have a chance to more fully enjoy our lifestyle. In some ways we have, though not nearly as much as we both have hoped. 

In addition, our lease has come to an end and we have been in the process of packing all of our belongings into numerous, and in some instances, unmarked cardboard boxes. Towers of them now line our walls and congest our walkways. It was particularly hard for me to pack away my toys and especially the cage.With all of our fun things packed away though, it has made our few opportunities for fun more intimate. The other day after returning from a family get together at which the girl was allowed to have a few cigarettes, she was given the chance to repay me for the kindness. I love her talented mouth on my cock, especially when she chokes herself on my length voluntarily. After a proper slobbering I made her climb up on top. It isn't often that I make the girl ride but we always enjoy it. It is unspeakably hot to pull her hair, forcing her head back as she grinds to orgasm panting and moaning. 

We did enjoy a trip down to the Sanctuary's Gateway Memorial Day party. Sort of a last blast before our move. The girl was not feeling tops, sadly, and we didn't stay long but we did have the chance to enjoy some whipping and decorative rope bondage, pictures of which are up on my Fetlife page. I keep hoping to have more of a chance to mingle and make some new connections within the Colorado scene but it hasn't worked out that way yet. Maybe this move will finally provide us a chance to participate in the Gateway parties on a more regular, monthly basis.

In other news, our search for a new home has not been going well sadly and though we have spent months putting in applications, talking to home lenders, and the like, we are coming rapidly upon the last days in our current home. Stress continues to mount, taking its toll mentally and physically. It seems we trade one stress for another these days. Though the next few months promises to be difficult we are both looking forward to this year's Thunder in the Mountains. 

And that about sums it all up for now. Hope to have good news for the next post. Ciao...

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