Sunday, December 22, 2013

Whinge and Wishes

Reaper posted our apologies earlier...and i want to apologize again. It has been pretty desperate around here. Some moments we feel alright, and others we want to rip out our hair from all of the joy and tribulation. This year has been exacerbated by my health issues of a girly sort.

For years and years we've known that medical professionals would consider my reproductive bits "abnormal" (at least the inside ones -- the outside bits get frequent compliments). Shortly after Reaper and i celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary, we spent a whole day bouncing from urgent care to urgent care, waiting for urgent care, and finally being directed to the ER.  The last urgent care office was concerned by my tachycardia, but the ER was much less concerned, and after adding the typical saline drip, considered their job largely done. Well, no. They did officially declare my internal bits "abnormal" and were kind enough to prescribe a hormone to stop the too heavy least until the next time, so we could find out exactly how "abnormal" it really is. Three months of a different kind of abnormal later, here we are at the abnormal that landed us in the ER last time; a uterus that seems determined to drain all of the blood from my entire system. And our choices are to attempt to treat it with herbal options, or waste an entire day again, attempting to just get a temporary fix via the prescription they're so quick to offer (slowly).

i'm tired...and dealing with this on top of the lack of time i've been able to be under Reaper's hands and have any kind of play...the apathy grows. i'm sick of dealing with abnormality...especially considering there is absolutely no reason that the bleeding should be this heavy. And this is mostly griping, and i'm sorry for that, but i feel betrayed by my body, which has no excuse not to work right, but refuses to follow the rules, leaving me with no appetite, and an overwhelming desire to have a good cry. Just in time for Christmas. Whee!

Actually, i do believe it will be a good Christmas...i'll just be tired and noming on iron-rich foods the entire time. i hope that the joy of the holidays (whatever holiday is your preference)  is wonderful, spirit-lifting and enjoyable for all of you. We have high hopes for 2014 and wish our kinky friends, near and far, an absolutely wonderful start to a year of fantastic things.

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padme amidala said...

Great to see you blogging again, jen. I totally understand how you feel about your uterus. Mine decided to betray me this last year. I was in the ER too with heavy bleeding and problems. I hope that you can get it sorted out. I have been glad to be rid of my uterus as it caused so many problems.

So glad for our friendship! *hugs*